Wednesday, January 08, 2014

What is trap feminism?

There is a new branch of feminism that we need to know about: trap feminism.  Sesali Bowen explains that it is essentially a blend of feminist lyrics with trap music, the type of music they play predominantly on WIIZ-FM (97.9 FM) in Barnwell.  Hopefully, trap feminism can convert residents of predominantly African-American communities such as Allendale, Bamberg, Blackville and Denmark into feminists. [Feministing]

Saturday Night Live has added two African-American women to its writing team.  Depending on what they write about, it could win me over into actually watching the show. [The Frisky]

Arkansas Lieutenant Governor Mark Darr, who signed a law violating private citizens' First Amendment right to see a list of registered gun owners last year, is now facing impeachment over multiple scandals. [WSB-DT News 2]

The entire family of Honey Boo Boo was injured in a crash after a truck ran a red light in Milledgeville, Ga. and T-boned the SUV.  Honey Boo Boo had a headache after she hit her head on the roof during the collision.  No word yet on whether the truck driver will face charges. [WSB-DT 2]

AT&T is offering $450.00 credit for anyone who wants to leave T-Mobile.  No thank you.  AT&T is the epitome of corporate irresponsibility -- they illegally spy on their customers, they do the bidding of far right wing organizations and they are one of the leading opponents of Net Neutrality. [The Raw Story]

A Winston-Salem woman was arrested for killing a Thomasville, N.C. man by overdosing him on drugs. [WXII 12 News]

A bad 1989 law, modified in 1999 when it was due to sunset, treats women as incubators for Texas.  Thirty other states, sadly, have a similar law.  Marlise Munoz's father, Ernest Machado, told the New York Times, “All she is is a host for a fetus. I get angry with the state. What business did they have delving into these areas? Why are they practicing medicine up in Austin?”  I share his sentiments.  If South Carolina does to any pregnant loved one of mine what Texas is currently doing to Ms. Munoz, I will send the state into the federal courthouse in Aiken as defendants.  That is a goddamn promise.  You've been put on notice, Columbia! [Jessica Wakeman]

Kathleen Hanna can teach Texas, Georgia and South Carolina how to respect women.  She said that her abortion is among the best things that happened to her.  Preach sister! [Jessica Wakeman]

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