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Transgender bullying victim ARRESTED for fighting bullies

Trans teen charged after beating up bullies

MARTINEZ, Calif. — A transgender girl who was tormented and severely bullied was arrested recently for fighting her bullies after the school took no action against a group girls tormenting her.

The incidences -- the fight and all of the tormenting and bullying of the arrestee by a trio of cis girls that lead up to the incident -- happened at Hercules High School.

Sophomore Jewelyes Gutierrez, 15, is a transgender pupil at Hercules. On November 15, 2013, Ms. Guiterrez was involved in a fight with three teenage cis girls, who Ms. Gutierrez says had been bullying her for most of the school year. The fight against the trio of bullies was caught on mobile phone video.

"Jewelyes identifies as transgender, and I think that she had been tormented and harassed at school because of how she identifies," said Ms. Guiterrez's public defender Kaylie Simon.

Ms. Gutierrez said she had repeatedly sought help from school officials, but the response was unsatisfactory, and thus, the bullying continued. Ms. Gutierrez said she couldn't take the bullying anymore, so when confronted by the three girls, she fought back.

"When I initially received this case, I was shocked that the district attorney's office decided to charge Jewelyes," added Mrs. Simon.

Charles Ramsey is President of the West Contra Costa School Board, and says this should have been a teachable moment and not "something that should rise the level of where it has to go to the District Attorney's office for prosecution."

While none of the bullies involved was seriously hurt or criminally charged, Ms. Gutierrez is now facing a misdemeanor count of battery.

"I think by charging her, it sends a message to bullies that you can bully individuals, and that adults will then further victimize the person that you've been tormenting," said Mrs. Simon.

Ms. Gutierrez's sister has started a petition to demand prosecutors to drop the case.


Rock Hill man arrested for raping teen girl

ROCK HILL — A man was arrested for raping a 15-year-old girl

They say the victim's mother brought the 15-year-old girl to the Rock Hill Police Office to report the abuse.  After a month-long investigation, Rock Hill deputies were able to arrest the suspect.

Deputies say that the man raped the victim several times.

Gregory Mason, 52, was arrested by the Rock Hill Police Office and charged with criminal sexual conduct with a minor.  He is at the York County Jail in York.

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Spartanburg County woman assaults baby daddy with frying pan

SPARTANBURG — A woman was arrested for assaulting her baby's daddy with a frying pan during an argument.

Officers said they were called to an apartment at Lee's Crossing on Wednesday by a man who said he was being hit with a frying pan by the woman who mothered his child.

An officer said when he arrived, he saw the suspect about to pull out of the parking lot, and stopped her.  The suspect told the officer that she and the victim were fighting because he did not help take the four-week-old downstairs to the vehicle.  The suspect said she was standing in the doorway when the victim came toward her, so she hit him.  She said the victim then pushed her in the doorway.

A second officer questioned the victim, who said the suspect had become "obnoxious and belligerent and started to hit and push him" so he was trying to leave the apartment.  The victim said that the suspect armed herself with a frying pan.  He said she told him he wasn't going anywhere, and when he tried to leave, she started hitting him with the frying pan.

The victim said the suspect continued to hit him with the frying pan while he was on the phone with 911 dispatchers.  The officer observed the victim, and noticed that he had visible injuries from being hit, so the suspect was arrested.

Kendaice McAbee was arrested by the Spartanburg County Sheriff's Office on Wednesday and charged with criminal domestic violence.  She was being held in the Spartanburg County Jail.  Bond has not been set.

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