Thursday, January 02, 2014

Snapchat was warned and now info has been compromised

Snapchat was warned to close a gaping hole in their security.  Obviously, they allegedly laughed it off as nonsense at that time.  They're not laughing now. [Katie Oldenburg]

Angering her fans (including our friends at The Frisky) after announcing a date at an ex-slave plantation in Louisiana, Ani DiFranco decided to swallow her pride and apologize. [Amelia McDonell-Parry]

Investigative reporter Chad Mills released a very NSFW (or NSFL), 58.5 minute dashcam video of an Aiken County Sheriff's officer shooting and killing a pit bull.  Prepare to be outraged. [Youtube (NFSW, NSFL), WRDW News 12 (NSFW, NSFL)]

And be prepared to be outraged over this: the racist conservatives in the media (looking at you CNN) and elsewhere who had nothing to say about Phil Robertson's racist Jim Crow comments now want to unconstitutionally silence an African-American woman, Melissa Harris-Perry, for calling out the Romneys on their racist policies. [PoliticusUSA]

And now, for some good news: they may currently be top-ranked for news, but Fox News will soon have a serious case of the NFL -- as in Not For Long.  The network lost 30% of its viewership in the past 12 months.  Nearly all of the massive losses came from the youngest of the demographics: those ages 54 and under. [PoliticusUSA]

Chris Kluwe says that he was booted from the Minnesota Vikings because he supported LGBT marriage.  Ironically enough, the majority of the residents of Minneapolis, Saint Paul and the state of Minnesota support marriage equality.  Obviously, the brass of the Vikes are not paying attention to their fans or to the state, which is supporting them with subsidies. [The Frisky, WTOC 11]

New council members were sworn in at Tybee Island. [WTOC 11]

Rep. Henry Waxman catches the GOP lying their asses off about Obamacare in a report. [PoliticusUSA]

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