Thursday, January 09, 2014

Derek Trucks is leaving the Allman Brothers Band

The Allman Brothers Band is losing its guitarists.  Both Derek Trucks and Warren Haynes have announced that they are leaving the Macon, Ga. rock band to pursue creative projects, effective on January 2, 2015.  The band was founded in Macon in 1969. [WMAZ 13]

The brother of a Brookline, Mass. receptionist who was slain on December 30, 1994 by anti-choice terrorists inside of her workplace is going to Washington, D.C. next week to argue in favor of upholding a state buffer zone law, which protects patients from harassment.  Buffer zones do not restrict anti-choice activists speech, buffer zone laws and ordinances put clinic protesting laws in line with other forms of street harassment. [Boston Globe]

A Title IX lawsuit could be filed against the new BCS champions at any time by Jameis Winston's rape victim.  While it is a given that Mr. Winston and Florida State will be defendants in the looming suit, it is unknown whether the Tallahassee Police Office could be added as defendants after they refused to file charges against Mr. Winston in December 2013. [WRAL-DT 5]

Deputies with the Lilburn (Ga.) Police Office paid $80.00 for a man who walked 30-miles in single digit weather to the courtroom for his appearance on a traffic charge. [WSB-DT 2]

Matthew Barnett, the man who (along with two of his buddies) raped Daisy Coleman and Paige Pankurst, pleaded guilty to child endangerment charges today.  No rape charges were ever filed against him or the other two men. [Jessica Wakeman]

A badly-needed bill that has been filed in the state legislature aims to make our highways and byways safer by requiring more driver's education.  I know that I need a refresher's course on driving. [WRDW News 12]

Lingerie for men?  No thanks.  I have too much hair and lingerie would look very unsightly on me. [Ami Angelowicz]

Gabrielle Giffords, whose political career was cut short after insurrectionist Jared Loughner shot her and killed six of her constituents, went skydiving on the third anniversary of that terrible shooting. [Winona Dimeo-Ediger]

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