Tuesday, January 07, 2014

Augusta Regional shatters record low

Augusta Regional sets new record low

AUGUSTA, Ga. — The last record set at Augusta Regional Airport in 2013 was an all-time record high for the month of December.

Year 2014 is much, much different.

Augusta Regional broke a record low this morning, bottoming out at 12°f (preliminary reading, could be adjusted downward).

Other locations and where they fell:

Daniel Field also fell to 12°.  Barnwell County Airport had a minimum of 14°f, as did Blackville and Orangeburg -- all three of these readings are due to continued wind which died down after sunup -- and the temperature is a record for Orangeburg (KOGB).  Aiken Airport fell to 10°f.  Jackson fell to 11°f, as did Hattieville.  The Savannah River Site fell to 12°f.  Bamberg fell to 13°f.  Evans fell to 14°f.  Grovetown fell to 15°f.  Harlem fell to 11°f.  Thomson bottomed out at 10°f.  Warrenton dipped to 12°f.  Wrens fell to 12°f.  Riddleville fell to 11°f.  Sparta fell to 10°f.  Washington fell to 11°f.  Statesboro fell to 16°.  Allendale fell to 13°f.  The poor shrimp froze in Yemassee, as the mercury there fell to 16°f.

Other records that were broken include: Charlotte (6°f), Cayce (13°f), Florence (14°f), Asheboro (5°f), Charleston (17°f) and Greer (5°f).


Terrible turn of events for one of the two gang rape victims in Maryville, Mo.  Daisy Coleman, 16, attempted suicide.  This is why we need to confront rape culture and the enablers of such a culture. [Jessica Wakeman]

Asus has a brand new computer out that can run both Windows and Android.  My dream computer, phone and tablet are those that can run iOS (the Apple operating system), Windows, Android and Blackberry! [ZDNet]


No softball conditioning this week, due to extreme cold.  Remind your daughters who play the sport about this.  I know this is from Silver Bluff, but I think all of the schools locally have shut down plans to hold softball conditioning. [Twitter]


I am so not a fan of #polarvortexpickuplines. [Ami Angelowicz]

I am even less of a fan of the winter boyfriend trend. [Megan Reynolds]

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