Friday, January 10, 2014

Aiken Woman wins $75000 in lottery

Aiken woman strikes it rich with crossword game

AIKEN — An Aiken woman is $75000.00 richer today after she struck it rich playing a crossword game from the South Carolina Education Lottery.

Beth Wood announced her win on Facebook.

"Every one of those crossword tickets she touched was a winner," said her husband.

Ms. Wood says the SCEL's crossword game is the only crossword puzzle she's ever been any good at. "It was just my time," she figures.

Odds of winning the remaining top prize of $75000 in the $3 Platinum Crossword game are 1 in 432,000.

For selling the claimed winning ticket, Airport Shell in Aiken on the COLUMBIA HY received a commission of $750.

WJBF-DT News Channel 6


Turns out, the people in Texas has had way more than enough of the state disrespecting women's constitutional rights.  The Austin City Council endorsed the Women's Health Protection Act, a law that actually does what it says it will do: protect women's health.  The Women's Health Protection Act, if passed, would invalidate every state and federal restriction on abortion rights. [KVUE]

Two people have been arrested in a child sexual assault case by the Kershaw County Sheriff's Department.  I can't even. [WLTX News 19]


NBA Action: The New York Knicks defeated Lebron James and the Miami Heat 102-92. [Yahoo! Sports]

Denver Nugget defeated the Oklahoma City Thunder 101-88. [Yahoo! Sports]


Justin Bieber, a no-talent hack, is being investigated for felony vandalism after he pelted a neighbor's residence with raw eggs.  Put this guy away now!  I don't care how many of his fans get upset. [The Frisky]

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