Saturday, January 11, 2014

Abbott must pay Sen. Wendy Davis for gerrymander attempt

Abbott must pay Sen. Davis for attempt to gerrymander her out of office

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AUSTIN — A federal judge ruled Friday that Greg Abbott must fork over $200,000.00 to his opponent — my celebrity girlfriend — after he tried to illegally gerrymander Sen. Wendy Davis, 50, out of office and suppress minority votes in her district.

The lawsuit was originally filed nearly 40 months ago by Sen. Davis and United Latin American Citizens, after the Texas GOP intentionally drew district lines designed to minimize and reduce the strength of minority populations in the Tarrant and Dallas counties area of North Texas.

The winning parties, including Sen. Davis, were permitted to seek reimbursement for what their campaigns and committees fought on legal fees — which eventually amounted to be $270,000.00.

Sen. Davis is running against Abbott in this year's gubernatorial election.


Pharmacist raped by LAPD deputy files federal lawsuit against city

LOS ANGELES — The Los Angeles Police Department is facing a major lawsuit after its refusal to properly deal with a rapist with a badge.

A 27-year-old Los Angeles pharmacist filed the lawsuit over injuries she sustained when she was thrown from a moving squad car. The New York Daily News reports that the woman, who was identified on Raw Story but whose name will be withheld here, said that she fell from the patrol car while trying to flee a rape by a police deputy.

“He was grabbing my left inner thigh, trying to — I’m assuming — opening my legs,” she said in her deposition about the incident.

Horrifying police video shows the half-naked woman tumbling from the patrol car onto the highway. She was so badly injured, that she was in a coma for six days. She only regained consciousness a day or two ago.

Her injuries included a badly broken jaw, a brain concussion and soft tissue injuries all over her body.

Her attorney, Arnoldo Cassillas, told KCAL that his client spent two weeks in the hospital with her jaw wired shut. All 32 of her teeth were shattered in the fall and every last one of them had to be pulled. She is suing for criminal negligence.

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