Saturday, December 07, 2013

Sorry, but able-bodied, sane law enforcers parking in the handicapped parking spot are douches × 1000

Earlier this week, a photo went viral on Facebook of an Aiken Department of Public Safety deputy parking in the handicapped parking space, presumably at the Kroger shopping center.

I am here to say that he isn't just a regular douchebag with a badge.  This deputy, which still has not been fined for that stunt, is a uber-douchebag with a badge.

If a sane, able-bodied civilian parked in a parking space designed for people with a physical, mental or psychological handicap -- or if a person with any of those three legitimate, basic handicaps parked in that spot and forgot to put the placard up or left the placard at home, no question he or she would have been fined up their asses to the tune of $500.00.

There are disabilities that aren't obvious -- depression, bipolar, and the like -- and laws in most states have made clear that if anyone has a disability, whether it can be seen or not, then that person or that person's family can be approved for a placard that can be used for handicap parking.

And speaking of handicap parking placards: December 31, 2012 was the last day in which the old placards were issued -- those expire in 2016.  January 2 of this year was the first day that the new placards were released -- these placards have the photo ID of the person on them.  Additionally, these placards can't be used without the disabled person being present, cutting down on handicap parking fraud.  By January 2, 2017, all placards in North America will have the photo of the person on them -- all of Canada's handicap placards are photographed and have been for quite sometime now.

By the way, handicapped placards are not the only way to gain access to the handicap parking spots.  If you have a license plate with a handicapped logo on it, that is also legal as long as you update the plate before it expires, which means that anyone with those plates must update the plate annually by putting the following year's sticker on the plate.  If it is a permanent license plate with a handicapped logo on it, then that is good forever.

Regardless, nowhere in our laws does it say that law enforcement are exempt from having either a placard or a standard handicapped license plate (only government officials are allowed to have permanent handicapped license plates -- government, law enforcement and religious groups are allowed to get standard permanent license plates).  Other words, law enforcement must follow the same exact handicapped laws that the rest of us do: no parking except if you have the items I mentioned in the paragraph.  Then again, there are so many laws -- some of them unconstitutional, some of them in direct violation of human rights and some of them both -- that are around in which deputies think that they should not follow because they have a badge.  (True story: I recently read an article about a Virginia cop being arrested for public nudity.  Although I consider such arrests as illegal arrests, I couldn't help but think of the arrested deputy as a hypocrite.)  So, I use actions such as the one in the photo to help expose hypocrisy in law enforcement.

It's already douchey enough for sane, able-bodied civilians to park in a space that someone needs.  A law enforcement official who pulls this stunt is a douchebag times a thousand.  If a deputy is able to flagrantly break the law without any major consequences whatsoever, then why don't we get rid of all of the laws -- every last one of the millions of them -- that are currently on the books on US soil?

[photo via WRDW News 12]

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