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PRUDISH USA: Sarpy County unanimously pass unconstitutional ordinance outlawing nudity in private & public

Sarpy County passes unconstitutional ordinance outlawing nudity in private and public

If you think seeing this in public is a bigger problem than seeing violence, then you are part of the problem and you should be banned from ever running for public office. Period. Looking at you, Bonnie Moore.

OMAHA — The Sarpy County board of commissioners have unanimously passed an unconstitutional law and did so in less than ten minutes on December 10.

The ordinance outlaws nudity under all circumstances -- except for women who are breastfeeding.  That exemption was only added because the sponsor of the law was Bonnie Moore, a political hack who cares nothing about the US Constitution (which clearly states that rights granted to some should be granted to all), she only cares about stroking her own self-absorbed ego.

Private areas such as locker room showers, the showers inside of the YMCA and yes -- your own home -- are not exempt from this nudity ban.

Newspapers began running the ordinance on Wednesday and will take effect on December 25.  No government buildings anywhere in the nation are open on that day, meaning that this unconstitutional law can't be challenged until December 26.

Like I said before, Bonnie Moore is the one promoting criminal gang activity.  And Moore is the one promoting chaos by making our natural body and state a crime.  She does not care one iota about public peace.  If she truly cared about promoting public peace, she'd make it legal for naturists to sue businesses that have no legitimate standing* to ban nudity.

What that means is that if you are naked and taking a shower in the YMCA locker room and someone notices it, you are committing a crime -- a Class III misdemeanor which carries a maximum punishment of three months in jail and a $500.00 fine.

R. Kelly shows why he and his music should be boycotted by the New Jack Swing community

CHICAGO — R. Kelly has gotten himself into some deep horseshit he won't be able to get out of so quickly.

On Monday, he decided to attack the messenger (the Village Voice) and blame the victims of his molestation for his actions.

He told his critics to listen to the final track on his new album, Black Panties.  That track is entitled Shut Up.

"It has been nearly 15 years since music journalist Jim DeRogatis caught the story that has since defined his career, one that he wishes didn't exist: R. Kelly's sexual predation [sic] on teenage girls," reported Jessica Hopper Monday for the Village Voice, referring to the R&B singer best known for "I Believe I Can Fly" and "The World's Greatest".

Well, just the purpose of full disclosure on here (I did previously mention this to the Editor-in-Chief of The Frisky, Amelia McDonell-Parry, as well as others on the Frisky staff): I did not sing my class song, the aforementioned "The World's Greatest", when I graduated from Williston-Elko High School in 2002, as his rape charges were handed down on the week I graduated from W-E.  Looking back at it now, the first adult decision I made still stands among of the best adult decisions I made to this day.

Village Voice
Urban Radio Nation

* - there are only a handful of businesses worldwide that actually have a legitimate concern about nude people, such as grocery stores (sanitation) and businesses that use sharp tools (safety).

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