Wednesday, December 25, 2013

Moments after wedding, Gypsy Taub and groom Jaymz Smith are ILLEGALLY arrested by San Francisco County's Gestapo

NOTE: This photo is very safe for work. Nothing sexual about it.

SAN FRANCISCO — Gypsy Taub is officially a married woman.

But not before she and her newlywed husband, Jaymz Smith, were illegally arrested and cited (once again) by San Francisco County's Gestapo.

"This is a protest against the nudity ban as much as it is a wedding," shouted feminist activist Mrs. Taub to a crowd of roughly 100 people before the nuptials, the San Francisco Chronicle reports. "I know that the people of San Francisco are behind me."

Officiant and former San Francisco nudist mayoral candidate George Davis presided over the ceremony and finished with the words, "Kiss and conjugate."

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