Wednesday, December 18, 2013

Bottom Line: 2,205 Heisman voters capitulate to a rapist

TALLAHASSEE — Two thousand two hundred five.  That's the number of Heisman voters who gave their nod to a known rapist to hoist their coveted prize on Saturday night.

I was so disgusted by what I knew was gonna happen that I refused to watch.

The Heisman trophy Jameis Winston received was the final slap in the face to not just victim he raped, but to all victims of sexual violence worldwide who watch American football.

The Heisman committee told rape victims that their voices do not matter when it factors into the decision as to whether a player should be handed their award or not.  The only thing that matters to them is numbers on the field of play.

And because of that, the Heisman award no longer has any credibility in my eyes.  They lost all of the credibility they had since its beginning on Saturday night.

Even though the Heisman is forever tainted, two thousand two hundred five (2,205) people still need to lose their cushy jobs on the Heisman committee to ensure what happened on Saturday night never, ever happens again -- rapists do not deserve awards.  Rapists deserve jail.

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