Monday, December 23, 2013

Asshat posts full nude pics of ex-girlfriend at shopping centers miles apart

Victim in hiding after ex-boyfriend stalks, harasses her and post nude pics of her at two shopping centers

CONCORD — A Carrabus County man is in jail after he was involved in one of the most disgusting and despicable acts of intimate terrorism against an ex-girlfriend in recent memory.

Officially, 43-year-old Victor McCullum is facing charges of burglary and stalking after being arrested by the Concord Police Office.

Among the places where this violent creep Mr. McCullum posted the pics of his ex-girlfriend included at the very place where she works, and at a Wal-Mart store miles away, where lots of shoppers (and even NASCAR drivers) frequent for holiday shopping.

Due to all of this, she fears so much for her safety and life, she has literally gone into hiding.

“It turned out to be a stalking case and a domestic violence case,” said Concord Police Office Major Gary Hatley.

WSOC-HD 9 Eyewitness News

Department of Corrections deputy arrested for raping minor

COLUMBIA — A South Carolina Department of Corrections deputy is now on the other side of the jail bars after raping a child for nearly four years.

The Richland County Sheriff's Department arrested Nicholas Sheldon Brown, 34, on Friday.  Leon Lott, the Sheriff, says that Mr. Brown raped a girl when she was ten in 2009, and it continued until this summer or autumn.

Sheriff Lott characterized victim, now 14, as a hero, "because she had the courage to talk to her Sheriff's Department School Resource Officer and ask for help."

Mr. Brown has been with the department for eight years.

Mr. Brown is a sergeant in the reception and evaluation department at the Kirkland facility in the maximum security unit.

This rapist with a badge has been suspended without pay.

WIS News 10

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