Friday, December 06, 2013

As Championship Week wraps up with coronation of Jimmie Johnson, NASCAR chairman opens up about SpinGate

France on SpinGate: "I was very angry about it"

<div class=__reading__mode__extracted__imagecaption>Jeff Siner - jsiner@charlotteobserver.comAmerican CEO and Chairman of NASCAR Brian France listens to a question during last Januaray’s Sprint NASCAR Media Tour stop at the NASCAR Hall of Fame in Charlotte. 

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LAS VEGAS — NASCAR chairman Brian France spoke candidly about SpinGate that has been all the talk ever since it happened — and overshadowed the battle of the home improvement companies for the Sprint Cup title ultimately won by Lowe's and Jimmie Johnson for a sixth time over The Home Depot and one-time champion Matt Kenseth.

He told interviewers that he was so livid at what he saw first-hand on September 7, the sport didn't wait until Tuesday (September 10) to take swift action.  He took action on that Monday (September 9).

“I was very angry about it,” said Mr. France of his initial reaction to the cheating scandal that surrounded the race used to set the field of who would compete this season for the championship of NASCAR’s premier series.

“I also knew … if we dealt with it, if we dealt with it really straight on, that we wouldn’t have a long-term blemish.”

“It does test you a little bit.  In every sport sometime in the cycle – hopefully it’s very rare – has a moment where these things happen,” added Mr. France. “I like what our group did. In six days, investigate three different situations, rule on them, rewrite entire important rules.”

That's Racin

Blackville inmate dies during stay at for-profit ALEC prison

BARNWELL — A 28-year-old Blackville man is dead after a four-plus month stay at the Barnwell County Jail.

Coroner Lloyd Ward said that the inmate died at the Southern Palmetto Hospital at 811 REYNOLDS RD on Thursday night.

An autopsy was performed today.

Here is yet another reason to destroy the American Legislative Exchange Council and the for-profit prison industrial complex: they don't care about human life.  They only care about fattening their own bottom lines.

WJBF-DT News Channel 6, WRDW News 12, The People Sentinel


And more ALEC news: the right wing corporation giant continues to wage war on human life.  Among the items they are proposing: crushing new tax hikes on people who use alternative sources of energy such as solar power; robbing us blind of our tax dollars and giving the stolen money to private schools that indoctrinate our youth with anti-American, right-wing propaganda; and giving corporations a right to murder actual human beings. [PRWatch]

I was hoping that the "invisible panties" would show the woman's vagina, but I am disappointed.  Also upset that it doubles as a chastity belt.  Disgusting. [Cosmopolitan]


Look out for a fresh line of Coco sex toys! [Ami Angelowicz]

Yet another porn channel for women will debut sometime next year in the States.  Dusk, which is a Dutch-owned network, is expected to be added to most cable lineups next year.  I just hope that there are no Christofascists that run Comcast, Knology, Time Warner Cable, Atlantic Broadband, Dish Network and DirecTV. [Jessica Wakeman]

One blogger defends Carrie Underwood from vicious attacks after her holiday performance on Thursday night. [Katie Oldenburg]

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