Tuesday, October 15, 2013

WJBF unleashes new ad about Dish's history of distrupting service over disputes

WJBF scorches Dish's lies and serves up a truth about their disputes over OTA stations


AUGUSTA, GA — Dish Network can't say they didn't see this coming.

After nearly two weeks that were dominated by Dish Network attempting to obfuscate Clear Channel Augusta listeners over a dispute that resulted in no more Aiken Skycams, no more Kris Allred and no more of your favorite television shows on Media General stations on the satellite company, WJBF-DT struck back in a big way on Monday.

WJBF, the lone ABC affiliate in the Media General fold, aired an ad that blows the lid off what has been a history of disputes between over-the-air stations and Dish Network.

In the ad, WJBF mentions that Dish Network has caused disruptions in nearly half of the nation's 210 television markets in the past two years, including in the 18 media markets currently affected by Dish's dispute with Media General -- this includes the Augusta, Charleston, Greenville-Spartanburg-Anderson-Asheville and Savannah markets.  Sixty-one markets were affected by blackouts from Dish so far in 2013.

Also noted in the ad: the pay rate for OTA stations are much smaller than it is for the least popular cable stations, such as The Weather Channel.

Dish started something they can't finish.  Now, WJBF is making a call to arms for people to dump Dish.

[WJBF-DT News Channel 6]


Now, disputes with Dish has extended far beyond Media General.  United Communications stations have been blackened by a dispute with the satellite company.  That makes it 63 media markets this year (Watertown, N.Y. and Mankato, Minn.) that have had disputes with Dish Network in 2013.  Nice going, Dish!  Worst company to work for in a poll from 2012! [Broadcasting & Cable]

There is no denying it: a planned truckers' rally for a conservative tyrannical government was such a flop, supporters resorted to sharing fake photos of protests on social media.  Back to the drawing board, conservatives. [Raw Story]


Sad: Major League Baseball ump Wally Bell died suddenly at the age of 48. [NBC Sports]

Bummer: The Boston Bruins lost to the Detroit Red Wings on Monday night in regulation, 3-2.  The killer for the B's: their power play.  Nothing-for-5 on the man-advantage. [Fox Sports]


Lena Dunham wants Instagram to get rid of its archaic policy against breastfeeding photos.  Hopefully, she'll call on them to also get rid of their archaic policy against nude photos.  After all, the director is very comfy with on-camera nudity and nursing. [Huffington Post Parents]

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