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LGBT couples in N.J. can get hitched, starting at 9 a.m. Monday

LGBT couples in New Jersey can get hitched on Monday

TRENTON, NJ — LGBT couples can officially get married.

The state Supreme Court slapped radical fascist Chris Christie down, paving the way for LGBT couples to get marriage licenses and get married in New Jersey.

However, the couples must wait until 9:00 Monday in order to get married.

The SCONJ said in its decision that “the state has not shown a reasonable probability that it will succeed on the merits” of the appeal, and then declined a politically expedient order from Christie to delay LGBT marriages until January, so he wouldn't have to worry about re-election should that happen.

“When a party presents a clear case of ongoing unequal treatment, and asks the court to vindicate constitutionally protected rights, a court may not sidestep its obligation to rule for an indefinite amount of time,” the 20-page decision read. “Under those circumstances, courts do not have the option to defer.”

The SCONJ said that the state failed to explain how it will “suffer irreparable harm in a number of ways” as a result of the lower court ruling.

“The State has presented no explanation for how it is tangibly or actually harmed by allowing same-sex couples to marry. It has not made a forceful showing of irreparable harm,” the decision read.

Troy Stevenson, executive director of gay-rights group Garden State Equality, said the SCONJ’s decision means “the door is open for love, commitment and equality under the law.”

“This is a huge victory for New Jersey’s same-sex couples and their families.” added Hayley Gorenberg, deputy legal director of gay rights group Lambda Legal and the organization’s lead attorney on the case. “Take out the champagne glasses — wedding bells will soon be ringing in New Jersey!”

Although new LGBT marriages and weddings can't start until 9:00, existing LGBT marriages from other states will be officially recognized by US Sen.-elect Cory Booker, who is still the mayor of Newark, N.J. until he is sworn in as the interim junior Senator, at one minute after midnight.

On September 23, Mercer County Superior Court Judge Mary Jacobson ruled that that civil unions aren't good enough because they illegally prevent the LGBT couples from getting federal benefits that they earned.

And it is the issue of federal benefits that is at the crux of a lawsuit filed against South Carolina's 2006 amendment that legalized discrimination against LGBT people in the state's constitution.

Her ruling cited the United States Supreme Court's decision in June that struck down the Defense of Marriage Act and banned states from denying LGBT couples of earned federal benefits.

After the DOMA ruling, some federal agencies are extending benefits to legally married same-sex couples, but denying them to same-sex couples in “civil unions,” wrote Judge Jacobson.

“If the trend of federal agencies deeming civil union partners ineligible for benefits continues, plaintiffs will suffer even more, while their opposite-sex New Jersey counterparts continue to receive federal marital benefits for no reason other than the label placed upon their relationship by the state,” added Judge Jacobson.

“This unequal treatment requires that New Jersey extend civil marriage to same-sex couples to satisfy the equal protection guarantees of the New Jersey Constitution,” she continued.

Judge Jacobson ruled on a lawsuit filed aggainst the state by six same-sex couples and their children, as well as Garden State Equality.

Her ruling came more than a year after the so-called moderate Chris Christie vetoed a bill that would have legalized same-sex marriage in the state.

New Jersey will be the 14th state to begin LGBT weddings.  This is also one more reason why New Jerseyans should vote for Baarbara Buono on November 5.

[WGHP-TV Fox 8]

Nursing mother could be jailed for breastfeeding in court room

INDEPENDENCE, MO — A woman who breastfed her child during court proceedings faces either a $500.00 fine or jail time when she has to face a judge Thursday for contempt of court and possible indecent exposure charges (if the incident happened in Independence).

Laura Trickle, of Lee's Summit, Mo., hoped that Judge Marco Roldan would grant exemption from jury duty because she did want to interrupt her son's breastfeeding and — on top of that — had no one to leave him with anyway, reported local station KCTV.

Only eleven states excuse mothers from jury duty.  In addition to Missouri; Georgia, North Carolina and South Carolina are not among them.

A court order says Ms. Trickle "willfully and contemptuously appeared for jury service with her child and no one to care for the child."  Roldan denied the exemption grant.

Roldan told The Kansas City Star that breastfeeding mothers have two options: occasional breaks to pump milk to feed children later and bringing a caregiver to the court so the mother can breastfeed the child in a private room during breaks.

This is one more reason why mothers -- regardless of whether they are breastfeeding or bottle-feeding -- should be exempt from jury duty until their kids are old enough to go to school.

Either that, or the courts in every state except for West Virginia (where there is no breastfeeding law) should be required to be open 7 days a week unless it is a holiday (yes, even on Sundays).

[New York Daily News]

Former teacher masturbated behind a bus full of young girls

NEW YORK CITY — There is a clear distinction between public nudity and public lewdness.

The former is legal in New York and is a constitutional right that is being blatantly abridged by rogue governments in 48 other states, the latter is a crime in all 50.

One 57-year-old retired teacher in New York is finding out that distinction the hard way, as he was arrested for fapping to a school bus filled to the brim with girls on Wednesday.

The incident occurred Tuesday afternoon after school had ended.  The former Brooklyn High School of the Arts teacher tailed a girls-only school bus as it traveled down EAST 28th ST.

As he approached the bus, some of the girls saw him stroking his chicken.

The next day, there were two girls-only buses down the route.  When he tried the same thing again, the two drivers used their truck licensing skills to box the suspect in with their big yellow trucks, also known as school buses.

Edward Falcone, 57, of New York City, was arrested Wednesday by the New York Police Department and charged with public lewdness.

[New York Daily News]

Co-ed was publicly raped as passers-by did nothing

ATHENS, OH — The woman in a photo that was talked about at the University of Athens was raped, as passers-by did nothing to stop it.

The incident happened one week ago this morning.  Between 1:00 and 6:00, a co-ed reported "unconsenting sexual conduct" with a man described as her significant other near U of Athens campus.

Athens Police Office Chief Tom Pyle told the Athens News for a story Wednesday that the witnesses may not have understood what they were seeing.

"It may have looked consensual to them," he said.

Even further east, in Steubenville, video evidence was used to net Saint Patrick's Day convictions of two high school football players.  Trent Mays and Malik Richardson will both have to register as sex offenders upon release from jail.

"The community at large views this as they watched and witnessed a sexual assault occurring, and did nothing but watch," said Chief Pyle. "But the flipside of that is that they may not have realized what they were witnessing."

Co-ed Allie Erwin was shocked that no one intervened.

"Our first instinct as a community was not to intervene and help this woman but to post it on social media, and make a mockery of probably the most traumatic experience of her life," she told 10TV.

"All that needed to happen was to say, 'Hey are you alright? Is this what you want to be happening?'" she said. "She obviously wasn't OK with what happened. It was rape. She reported it to the police as rape."

I truly hope that all who posted this material on social media get prosecuted for criminal sexual conduct.

[USA Today, New York Daily News]

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