Friday, October 25, 2013

FACT: Women are better multitaskers than men

Women are superior to men when it comes to multitasking

BARNWELL — Here is a truth that will hurt my male readers (but I don't give a fuck): women — cis and trans — are better multitaskers.

Studies out this week confirmed what I long knew.

In the first experiment, both genders were put through a computer test involving a high level of attention. Both sexes slowed down when more tasks were added, but women slowed less than the men.

A second experiment was done.  Both men and women were asked to find a key in a field. Researchers determined women were better than men at devising a plan to find the key.

“Multitasking is getting more and more important in the office - but it’s very distracting, all these gadgets interrupting our workflow. … It could be that men suffer more from this constant switching,” a co-author whose name is being withheld by this blog told BBC.

Multitasking, or the lack thereof, is the main reason why I've been proven wrong by the men when it comes to driving.  Men are currently better drivers than women, even though I firmly believe that women are better drivers than men.  Texting and eating while driving, which are things women love to do, increase their risk of being in a fatal crash 23-fold.  If women wanna prove me correct in that they are better drivers than men, they will have to stop multitasking while driving.  It is that simple.


Sexual assault charges inexplicably dropped against Columbia County Sheriff's Department officer

GROVETOWN, GA — Sexual assault charges against a Columbia County Sheriff's Department officer have been dropped.

Three years ago this month, a woman who was being detained said that she was being transported from her home to the Columbia County Jail when the incident happened.

CCSD Officer Derek McClure was accused of sexually assaulting a the detainee.

[WJBF-DT News Channel 6]


Barneys' racial profiling problem goes all the way back to the Chevrolet Lumina era.  The business chain, in conjunction with the New York Police Department, illegally arrested an African-American student this week despite the fact that he paid for all of the items he purchased.  The 19-year-old did return the items when asked, but vows to boycott Barneys for life and take the business straight to the cleaners soon.  I strongly support his intentions to do just that!  [Huffington Post Business, Jessica Wakeman]

If you observe a man in love v. a man that is not in love in public, you'll notice a considerable difference in speed.  Yes, even me.  Even with all my girth, I still walk faster today than I did when I was in a relationship. [KTVU-DT 2]


On Thursday night, the Saint Louis Cardinals defeated the Boston Red Sox at Fenway Park, 4-2.  The World Series is tied at one game apiece as the series shifts to Saint Louis for the next solid week. [Fox Sports]

John Scott, who was suspended indefinitely by the National Hockey League on Thursday afternoon, will have his hearing with the league in nearby New York City on Tuesday to determine a fixed length of his ban. [CBS Sports]


5g Wi-Fi is going to aid in integrating wireless networking into everyday lives. [Huffington Post Tech]

And here is a tweeting bra.  Wow. [Huffington Post Tech, Amelia McDonell-Parry]

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