Thursday, October 24, 2013

College of Charleston officers get it right — then wrong — about drinking and rape

CHARLESTON — When the College of Charleston's public safety talked about how drinking plays a major factor in sexual crimes, most people got upset because they mentioned drinking.

Not enough of those people, however, got upset over what they said next.

Officers at the CofC essentially said that victims should avoid drinking to avoid being raped.

Have we heard that somewhere before?

Well, many times before.

And no matter how that message is window-dressed, that message is victim-blaming, which is blaming the victim for their own rape.

Furthermore, alcohol does not cause rape, or for that matter, fatal accidents on US Route 17.  Just like reckless drivers are the only ones that cause fatal crashes on the highway, rapists are the only ones that cause rape.

Rather than blame miniskirts and tequila, it is time to tackle the hard problems about rape.  Why?  For one, men are raped by women (and there is a 99.09% chance that the male rape victim did not wear a miniskirt).

Earlier today, I wrote about the six boys who gang raped a 15-year-old Seneca girl who was completely helpless.  Rape victims are not the ones who need lectures that rapists prey on their victims when they’re drunk.  The rapists, such as the sextet of boys I mentioned this morning, are doing a pretty good job of lecturing the victims, such as the girl I mentioned this morning, of that themselves.

[Jessica Wakeman]

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