Tuesday, September 10, 2013

Life in prison for Atlanta man who pimped, raped underaged girl

Fulton County man gets life for pimping, raping underaged girl

ATLANTA, GA — A 34-year-old man has been sentenced to life in prison for raping, barricading and pimping out a 15-year-old girl.

Dwayne Shaw, 34, was sentenced to that term Monday on after he was convicted on charges of human trafficking, pimping, pandering, aggravated sodomy, and aggravated child molestation among other charges in connection with the exploitation of a 15-year-old girl.

Mr. Shaw and the victim met online, and then met each other in person ten months ago. The Fulton County District Attorney's spokeswoman Yvette Jones said that Mr. Shaw lured the girl into a life of child prostitution. Mr. Shaw scheduled meetings with men at local hotels and pocketed all the money she was paid.

The girl was found at Mr. Shaw's southwest Atlanta home after four days thanks to text messages she sent to relatives not in her immediate family.

Mr. Shaw raped the girl and kept her captive in the attic. [WRDW News 12]

Woman kills boyfriend in murder-suicide by fire

MORGANTON, NC — A 74-year-old Burke County, N.C. man was murdered in a domestic dispute on Monday that started when his girlfriend set their home on fire.

Authorities found the murderess, Karen Mehzadeh, dead while battling the blaze.

The victim was calling for his girlfriend unaware that she had already committed suicide.

After the fire was contained, the victim was taken to Baptist Memorial Hospital with third degree burns on over 50% of his body. He died at the hospital Monday night.

Authorities believe that Ms. Mehzadeh started the fire at the couch were the victim was sleeping. The fire spread all over the home quickly.

Officers were called to the home before over domestic disturbances. [WSOC-HD 9 Eyewitness News]

N.C.'s image overwhelmingly negative after legislature's war on Tar Heel women

RALEIGH — Men and gentlewomen, attacking women's reproductive rights tarnishes your state's image.

North Carolina has seen its popularity drop like a rock significantly since July, when the Art Pope-backed Senate Bill 353 became law.

According to Public Policy Polling (PPP), the Tar Heel State's "favorability has dropped from 40% to 30%, while the share of voters with an unfavorable opinion of it has more than doubled from 11% to 23%." The drop was particularly sharp among African Americans (men and women), Hispanics (men and women), and white women.

In 2011 North Carolina stood out in the South as a state African Americans had a positive opinion of, at a 42/8 favorability rating. Now African-Americans see it negatively by a 19/30 spread, or -11. It’s a similar story with Hispanics- they gave the state a positive 50/9 favorability in 2011, now it’s a negative one at 20/39, or -19. There’s also been a steep decline with women. They gave the state a net +32 favorability in 2011 at 40/8, but that’s dropped all the way down to +3 at just 25/22.

Each of the aforementioned demographics not only cited the #motorcyclevagina law, but also voter suppression laws that the state passed later in July.

Seventy-five percent of all spending by interest groups in the past two elections in North Carolina came from accounts linked to the GOP millionaire Art Pope, who is instrumental in the Jesse Helms-style war on women and minorities in the state. [Think Progress]

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