Tuesday, September 10, 2013

Concrete truck taken for a ride

Concrete truck taken for a ride

AUGUSTA, GA — A truck from American Concrete was stolen this past weekend and was taken for a dangerous joyride.

The truck, which weighs 67200 lbs, hit five power lines along a canal as workers for the company found the eight foot wide truck on a bike path that's only two yards (six feet) wide.

T.J. Barton, an employee for American Concrete, says, "Whoever it was was either intoxicated, or didn't know how to drive, because they hit numerous power poles, and easily could have killed somebody." [WRDW News 12]

Grand jury cut warrants for six Pik-A-Part employees

AUGUSTA, GA — A half dozen employees who work for Pik-A-Part now have warrants out for their arrests.

A grand jury cut fresh warrants for the following employees after a nine-month investigation into a car theft ring: Christopher Brown; Michael Kerr; Tammie Johnson; Dennis McDaniel and his son Joshua; and Jeffery Norris.

The investigation showed 104 vehicles belonging to Pik-A-Part were removed from the business without the permission of Pik-A-Part from 2010 to 2013. [WRDW News 12]


Two Lancaster women showed up uninvited to a wedding party and stole lots of valuables from guests, including the camera belong to a photographer, in Monroe. [WSOC-HD 9 Eyewitness News]

The US ranks seventeenth in the World Happiness Report. The Canadian readers are bragging about right now, seeing that they rank sixth. [Dayton Daily News]


Deny, deny, deny. Lie, lie, lie: Clint Bowyer says that his spin was not intentional. Everyone saw the video and heard the audio, Mr. Bowyer. Own up to the fact that you and Michael Waltrip tried the manipulate the results and y'all got caught by NASCAR, Mr. Bowyer. [WSB-DT News 2]

Giving up 679 yards, and a school-record 550 of them rushing, is not the way to keep your job as defensive coordinator, as the now ex-coordinator for Texas found out less than 24 hours after that performance. "Luckily", the Longhorns only gave up 40 points to Brigham Young on Saturday. [Examiner]

The US golf team finally won something. They won the Walker Cup in a blowout. [WSB-DT News 2]


Corruption in Florida: Pam Bondi delayed the execution of an inmate to attend a fundraiser. [Huffington Post Crime]

The sunshine is about to shine down on Art Pope and his crooked, fascist agenda in North Carolina with this new site. [Art Pope Exposed]

Paula Patton encouraged her husband, Robin Thicke, to pose fully clothed with five barely clothed women in this shoot. [NYmag.com, Treats! Magazine]

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