Friday, August 09, 2013

Sen. Wendy Davis speaks at C-SPAN event

WASHINGTON — So, if you missed it on Monday, Senator Wendy Davis — my dream celebrity girlfriend — was at the National Press Club.

She spoke about her epic filibuster of a totally unconstitutional bill that unfortunately passed in the following session in July that would shut down every women's health clinic west of Interstate 35 and Interstate 35E, and she also talked about her future political aspirations for governor of the Lone Star State.

This event is one hour, three minutes, forty seconds (1h:3m:40s or 1:03:40) of total awesomeness.

Let's hope she runs for president in 2016. She will have my vote if she does!

Weak men like Erick Erickson and David Dewhurst are afraid of a strong woman like Sen. Davis, which is another reason why I'm posting this video on here.

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