Thursday, August 15, 2013

Man, woman arrested for sexually assaulting 13-year-old Orangeburg girl in 2006

Pair arrested for seven-year-old sexual assault

ORANGEBURG — A man and a woman are behind bars on charges of criminal sexual conduct with a minor.

Hesham Elmetwaly Ebid, 45, was arrested by the US Marshal Service Task Force in Newark, N.J. on July 30. He was wanted on three outstanding bench warrants from the Orangeburg County Sheriff's Department for raping a 13-year-old girl in 2006.

He was arrested on an unrelated charge that year, but was released on $25,000.00 bond.

Melissa Kemmerlin, 39, was arrested by the US Marshal Service Task Force in Louisville, Ky. on August 7. She was wanted on a couple of outstanding bench warrants from the OCSO and several other charges in the Bluegrass State.

Sheriff Leroy Ravenell said Mr. Ebid, Ms. Kemmerlin, the victim's mother, and the victim were living together during the time of the assaults.

Mr. Ebid is charged with first degree criminal sexual conduct with a minor and engaging a child under 18 for sexual performance.

"Ebid and Kemmerlin have eluded these charges for seven years," said Ravenell. "This is an extremely sickening case and we are grateful for the work for Cpl. Leonard Cain and the US Marshal Task Force for tracking down these irresponsible adults and bringing them back to Orangeburg to answer to these charges."

Let's hope that this now-20 year old woman gets the justice she deserves for this disgusting rape that she endured as a middle schooler.

The pair is at the Orangeburg County Detention Center.

[WCIV-DT ABC News 4]

Woman raped, kidnapped after declining man's request for a ride

CLIFTON — A Spartanburg County man is in jail after raping a woman who declined his request for a ride.

On Wednesday afternoon, the Spartanburg County Sheriff's Department said they received a call from a local hospital in reference to a report of a rape. The 19-year-old victim said she was taken against her will to the Clifton area where she was then raped, deputies said.

The victim was walking on John B. White Blvd in Spartanburg when a 28-year-old man offered her a ride. She declined the offer.

The man forced her in a Chevy Caprice that was green, but also had other colors painted on the side, and possibly sketches of cartoon characters that were newly painted or ready to be painted on anyways.

The man then drove the victim to a cemetery and tried to rape her. After she declined the offer to have sex, the man brandished a gun and told the victim that he would smoke her with the weapon if she did not have sex with him.

He then raped her.

SCSO investigators then identified the man as a suspect in the case.

Clarence Grubbs, 28, of Clifton, was arrested by the Spartanburg County Sheriff's Office and charged with kidnapping and first-degree criminal sexual conduct.

It is not immediately known if bond was granted or denied in today's hearing.

[WHNS Fox Carolina 21]

Anti-choice terrorists want South Wind Women's Center closed due to the protesters' threats of terrorism

WICHITA — During a hearing on Tuesday, anti-choice terrorists — including members of Operation Rescue, which is classified as a terrorist organization — want to shut down South Wind Women's Health Center, which is the name given to the clinic that the Tiller family gave to Julie Burkhart.

Mark S. Gietzen, chairman of the Kansas Coalition for Life, along with his petitioners, claimed that there were incidences at the place now called South Wind between 2004 and Dr. Tiller's assassination. He even claimed that someone pulled a rifle on him because of Mr. Gietzen's continued harassing of patients, doctors and escorts.

Michelle Kinsey Bruns, one of the loudest pro-woman activists, attacked Mr. Gietzen for his attempt to shut down a legitimate health care service by hiding the fact that he, along with the rest of Operation Rescue, is armed with weapons and are the very ones threatening to shoot up South Wind.

Obviously, Mr. Gietzen and the protesters have a lot to hide. This is why we need to get the federal government to force Kansas to comply with FOIA requests for concealed weapon permits of all those who are members of the the organizations mentioned so we can get the whole truth.

Mr. Gietzen is no different than Shelley Shannon and Scott Roeder. He and the Kansas Coalition for Life are all lawbreakers. Period.

[MSNBC contributor Irin Carmon]

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