Monday, June 17, 2013

Woman committed voyeurism when she filmed herself and Waffle House CEO having sex

MARIETTA, GA — A sexual harassment lawsuit case has just gotten bigger, and this time, it is bad news for a woman who decided to file it.

A Cobb Superior Court judge Friday found that Mye Brindle, a former housekeeper of Waffle House Chief Executive Officer Joe Rogers, blatantly violated his privacy when she unlawfully recorded video of them engaging in a sex act at his home.

While this new revelation may not result in the outright dismissal of Ms. Brindle's lawsuit against Mr. Rogers, it will likely result in criminal charges being filed against Ms. Brindle, even if Mr. Rogers does not want to pursue such an avenue.

Cobb Superior Court Judge Robert Leonard found that in just under a year ago, Ms. Brindle's lawyers, David Cohen and John Butters, sent their client to a private investigator’s office, who ordered Mr. Brindle a “spy camera,” which she used to make a video in Mr. Rogers's bedroom without his consent.

As a part-time housekeeper from 2003 until she resigned June 29, 2012, Ms. Brindle also made 15 audio recordings of sexual encounters, and kept a towel with her boss’s DNA, according to court documents.

A few weeks later, on July 16, 2012, Mr. Cohen sent Mr. Rogers a letter alleging Mr. Rogers had engaged in a “long history of unwelcome sexual demands and other sexual harassment and abuse” toward Ms. Brindle. The letter went on to imply that unless the matter was “resolved early and outside public litigation,” Mr. Rogers would experience unwanted media attention, “injurious publicity,” “divorce and destruction of families” and “lengthy incarceration.”

Mr. Rogers's lawyer, Robert Ingram, tried to gather more information about Ms. Brindle’s recording for the past nine months and whether her own lawyers were involved in helping to make it.

“The video recording makes it clear that (Brindle) was a willing participant in the sexual encounter and is not the victim of a sexual battery,” states the order.

I can tell you that this whole thing is disgusting. Cobb County Sheriff's deputies need to arrest Ms. Brindle and prosecute her for felony voyeurism. Don't go for the misdemeanor, make an example out of her so that women understand that illegally videotaping sexual acts without a man's consent is not ok.

Mr. Ingram wants Ms. Brindle to testify under oath and I do not blame him one bit. Ms. Brindle illegally videotaped Mr. Rogers during the commission of a crime and her lawyers helped set it up. In short, Ms. Brindle violated Mr. Rogers's privacy and she should be severely punished for it — there needs to be no slaps on the wrist from the Peach State judicial system simply because she is a woman.  Yes, even fat cat millionaires like Mr. Rogers has a right to some reasonable privacy too.

[Marietta Daily Journal]

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