Monday, June 24, 2013

BREAKING NEWS: Texas House shamefully passes misogynistic, unconstitutional Senate Bill 5

AUSTIN — The Texas House of Representatives ignored the will of the people and passed the unconstitutional Senate Bill 5 by a count of 97-33.

The bill passed at about 4:37 today, while most Texans were sleeping. The radical misogynists hoped that the women of Texas would not notice them waging a war on their rights.

But thousands of them did and they all yelled shame on you at the cowardly misogynists while they were leaving the chamber.

Senate Bill 5 would close every women's health clinic to the west of Dallas and to the north of San Antonio, leaving only five women's health clinics in the state instead of the current 47.

Also: the cowardly femicidial politicians, already with the blood of countless dead Texas women on their hands, sicced the cops on the protesters after the vote in the typical Gestapo fashion that we have seen from a US conservative party who has been worse than the now-late dictator Hugo Chavez.

[KXAN-HD 36]

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