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Elderly man kills Waffle House waitress less than half his age

Elderly man arrested for murdering waitress

WATKINSVILLE, GA — A 78-year-old man has been arrested and charged with killing a Waffle House waitress that is less than half his age.

Oconee County Sheriff's deputies believe that the elderly man killed the woman on Wednesday at his residence.  The woman, age 38, was found dead along Simonton Bridge Rd within an hour of the end of her Waffle House shift.

The woman's body was found with a single gunshot to the back.  The slain woman and her killer both knew each other.

After the four day investigation ended, Talmadge Edward Powell, 78, of Lavista Rd, Athens, was arrested and charged with capital murder.  He is still at the Oconee County Detention Center at last word.  Let's hope that this woman's family can get some justice. [WSAV-DT 3]

Bamberg man cited for hitting stopped school bus

SANTEE — A 59-year-old Bamberg man has been given a court citation after a scary bus accident yesterday.

The rear-end crash happened at 15:42 Friday on Five Chop Rd at the intersection of Slim Jim Ln, when the 56-year-old woman driver stopped the 1988 International bus.

She was letting children from Elloree Elementary School off at that bus stop.

The driver and six children were taken to the Regional Medical Center in Orangeburg, where they were held for overnight and weekend observation.

Santee Fire Chief Ed Barnett said some of the pupils on board the bus were seated toward the rear, which is where the pickup truck made impact.  He said some pupils complained of back and neck pain.

Orangeburg Consolidated School District 3 Superintendent Dr. Cynthia Cash-Greene said a total of 15 pupils were on board the bus.

John Dickinson, 59, of Bamberg, was cited for driving too fast for conditions.  I really hope he repents before he dies for hitting the bus because he was soooo inconvenienced by having to wait for a mere 30 seconds and because he was too lazy to find an alternate route. [WIS News 10]

Navy football players investigated for rape

ANNAPOLIS, MD — A trio of Navy Midshipmen football players are under investigation for raping a Midshipwoman.

Officials at the school say the three midshipmen were first accused by her at the time of the alleged incident, but she dropped her complaint shortly thereafter. She then re-filed a complaint earlier this year, and the investigation is now underway by the US Navy. The alleged victim's lawyer said her client has participated in wiretapping as part of the investigation at the request of NCIS.

The attorney said the Midshipwoman went to an off-campus party at a "football house" in April 2012 and became intoxicated, and woke up there the next morning "with little recall" of what occurred.

"She learned from social media and from friends that three football players had claimed to have had sexual intercourse with her while incapacitated," said the lawyer.

She reported the incident to Navy authorities and explained that she could not provide much information because she had been intoxicated, the lawyer said.

The lawyer said the woman was disciplined for drinking and the case was closed without further action by the academy.

None of the players were identified.  This blog has redacted the name of the victim's lawyer due to the possibility of unmasking her identity.

Once again, rape culture strikes in the military and sports worlds.  Also, victim-blaming at play with the sanctioning of the Midshipwoman for being raped while drunk.

[WXII-HD 12 News]
[The Frisky's Lady News]

Local teacher, school investigated by SLED for test score irregularities

BARNWELL — A Barnwell Elementary School teacher, and the school itself, are now the targets of a South Carolina Law Enforcement Division (SLED) investigation due to standardized testing.

According to SLED, Stacey Wilson, a sixth grade teacher at Barnwell Elementary, is said to have violated the following:

  1. Failing to maintain an appropriate testing environment, free from undue distractions
  2. Failing to proctor the test to ensure that examinees are engaged in appropriate test-taking activities
  3. Failing to follow all directions pertaining to the administration of a test as specified in the test manuals for that test

The violations are a "breach of professional ethics" which may "jeopardize the validity of the inferences made on the basis of test data," said a letter from the South Carolina Department of Education.

"You know, the district's going to go straight down the line, and if we had allegations that there were some test irregularities, you know, we're going to follow it up all the way," said outgoing Barnwell District 45 Superintendent Roy Sapough.

Mrs. Wilson has been put on administrative leave without pay until the investigation concludes.  They did not say whether she will be retained after Friday, June 7.

The SCDE letter, sent to District Test Coordinator Kim Rhoad, advised her to write a letter to Wilson explaining the seriousness of the violations and to have Mrs. Wilson write a letter to the SC Department of Education explaining how she will maintain an appropriate testing environment.

"There's no cheating scandal. There is a teacher that was alleged -- and I'm not sure if they did, but it's alleged -- that they did some things inappropriate during testing," said Sapough.

There will be no re-testing. [WRDW News 12]

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