Wednesday, June 26, 2013

BREAKING NEWS: Senate Bill 5 is dead

AUSTIN — With the Texas GOP sending shero Senator Wendy Davis to the showers for a "game misconduct", the feminist army, along with various Democratic held on just long enough to defeat Senate Bill 5 and turn back the Texas right's war on their women.

The vote clearly got under way at 1:02 Eastern Daylight Time (0:02 Central Daylight Time), two minutes after 1 (midnight Central Daylight Time).

The GOP majority then altered the time stamp, which is illegal in the state as posted by Angie Jackson. Here are the photos. The first photo shows the side-by-side comparisons between the official timestamp on the right and the altered one on the left.

Before (clearly showing today, June 26, on full web page):

After (altered to yesterday, June 25, on full web page):

With this, the Senate Bill 5 vote — which could have shuttered 42 of the 47 women's health clinics in the state — could very well wind up as a criminal case against the Senate GOP now, even though it is dead.

Well done, women of Texas!

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