Friday, June 14, 2013

Boy tells ex-girlfriend to carve apology into her arm with knife, threatens her

Boy threatens ex with knife

MYRTLE BEACH — A 16-year-old boy faces domestic violence charges after threatening his ex-girlfriend, forcing her to cut an apology into her own skin and forcing her to eat sticks.

The Horry County Police Department was called by the girl's mother at their Carolina Farms Blvd residence, saying that she feared for her daughter's life.

She said her daughter walked from the Farm subdivision to Avalon to "apologize" to her ex-boyfriend, so he would stop nagging her.

The girl victim told cops that while walking down a trail earlier that day, he got in front of her and would blocked her from leaving. He grabbed her neck and tried to cut her hair with a Swiss Army Knife, and then stabbed her with a corkscrew on the knife collection.

The aggressor handed her the knife with the serrated blade out, and demanded her to carve her apology into her skin. She refused, and the suspect stole her eyeglasses. The suspect then agreed to trade her glasses for his knife, and when she got her glasses back, she ran to a public area and dropped the knife in an attempt to prevent him from using the knife on her.

I truly hope that this boy's name is released once charges are filed against him. [WMBF]

Woman sues medical spa after she gets scarred

ATLANTA, GA — A woman has filed a lawsuit against a medical spa after they burned a hole in her face during photo-facial treatment.

The woman sought the treatment at The Age Less medical center on Lenox Rd. Her lawyers said she had a scab on her face, but a doctor at Age Less said it needed to be removed.

“He ripped off the scab, which wasn’t pleasant,” said attorney Bryan Baer.

He said the doctor treating the woman shouldn't have been performing that type of procedure under any circumstances.

“The reality is, he is a podiatrist. He is not a licensed physician under Georgia law. He’s only allowed to treat from the knee to the ankles,” said attorney Tony Kalka.

A podiatrist is a foot doctor.

People should always research the doctors involved before having any type of treatment done.

“It’s OK to ask doctors about educational history,” said Mr. Kalka.

[WSB-DT 2]

One of Steubenville players convicted now classified as a sex offender

STEUBENVILLE, OH — A judge has formally announced that Trent Mays should be classified as a sex offender.

Judge Thomas Lipps announced today that Mr. Mays must register as a Tier II Sex Offender.  Earlier in the day, he canceled a sex offender hearing for Mal'ik (muh-LEEK') Richmond, the other Steubenville High School football player convicted of raping a girl on Saint Patrick's Day.

A Tier II sex offender "includes those who have been convicted of offenses such as gross sexual imposition with a victim under 13 years old, pandering sexually oriented material involving a minor, and unlawful sexual conduct with a minor when the offender is four or more years older than the victim. Adult offenders must register every 180 days for 25 years; juvenile offenders must register for 20 years."

Ohio sought Tier III status for Mr. Mays, noting the nature of the crime and Mr. May's lack of remorse during an assessment. The state also noted the mental harm done to the West Virginia victim, who is in counseling and still suffers from flashbacks. The state also noted the use of alcohol during the commission of the crime.

The victim's mother spoke during the hearing and said that Mr. Mays publicly humiliated and shamed her daughter and the images of that night can never be removed from the internet. She said her daughter endured countless ridicule that will forever haunt her.

The hearing is to be a first step for Mr. Richmond and Trent Mays to be transferred from a state juvenile detention center to a facility that works with sex offenders.

Mr. Richmond's sex offender hearing will continue at a later date. [WNCT 9 On Your Side]

[WIS News 10]


UPDATE @ 15:16: Updated the post with new information about the Steubenville sex offender hearings.

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