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Tell the S.C. Legislature: Stop Lee Bright's War On Women

COLUMBIA — Here is something I just got from the Birmingham, Mich.-based


Yesterday, state senator Lee Bright introduced an amendment to the state budget targeting Planned Parenthood in order keep them from receiving any state or other funds. This is purely a politically motivated attack, and it will hurt the many South Carolinians who rely on Planned Parenthood for services like breast and cervical screenings, STD testing and treatment, and birth control. This move does not save South Carolina any money.

Senator Bright's budget amendment, Amendment 27, may come up for debate as early as today. Use this email form at to tell the Senate that you stand with Planned Parenthood and the many South Carolina women and men who rely on their services.

Here is a sample of what you can write to the state Senate:

I strongly oppose Lee Bright's amendment targeting Planned Parenthood, ESPECIALLY given the fact that right wing extremists are accusing the Internal Revenue Service of targeting them. Planned Parenthood is the ONLY entity that serves the health care needs of women in all 46 of our counties - no other medical entity has even 40% of the services that Planned Parenthood offers. To persecute Planned Parenthood in the manner that Lee Bright is doing is the epitome of the GOP's war on women. Reject this kind of misogyny by voting against the Bright amendment. I certainly am watching. Those who vote for the Bright amendment can be certain that you will be held accountable by the women of this state on November 4, 2014 - I will see to it.

President Obama, Attorney General Holder and HHS Secretary Sebelius (the latter of whom is celebrating a birthday today) ultimately bypassed the Texas State Health Department and awarded Planned Parenthood a grant at least for this year.  The South Carolina Department of Health and Environmental Control stands to lose all of its federal funding in the future if Bright has his way, and would likely order the breakup of DHEC into two different agencies just to ensure that South Carolina still gets its environmental funding from the Environmental Protection Agency.

Lee Bright's complete and utter hatred of women has come to surface.  It is time for the women of South Carolina to fight back against Bright and the thugs helping him in the state legislature.

If you need zip codes, here they are:

29003, Bamberg, Bamberg
29003, Midway, Bamberg
29006, Batesburg-Leesville, Aiken, Lexington, Saluda
29006, Holtson Crossroads, Lexington
29006, Kneece, Lexington
29006, New Holland, Aiken
29006, New Holland Crossroads, Aiken
29006, Samaria, Lexington
29006, Summerland, Lexington
29018, Bowman, Orangeburg
29038, Cope, Orangeburg
29039, Cordova, Orangeburg
29039, Edisto, Orangeburg
29042, Denmark, Bamberg
29047, Elloree, Orangeburg
29047, Felderville, Orangeburg
29048, Eutaw Springs, Orangeburg
29048, Eutawville, Berkeley, Orangeburg
29059, Bowyer, Orangeburg
29059, Holly Hill, Dorchester, Orangeburg
29070, Batesburg-Leesville, Lexington, Saluda
29070, Delmar, Lexington
29070, Fairview Crossroads, Lexington
29070, Lake Murray Shores, Lexington
29070, Steedman, Lexington
29070, Summit, Lexington
29076, Livingston, Orangeburg
29081, Ehrhardt, Bamberg
29082, Lodge, Colleton
29105, Hibernia, Saluda
29105, Jones Crossroads, Saluda
29105, Monetta, Aiken, Saluda
29105, Watsonia, Saluda
29107, Neeses, Orangeburg
29112, North, Orangeburg
29112, Woodford, Orangeburg
29113, Norway, Orangeburg
29115, Bolen Town, Orangeburg
29115, Jamison, Orangeburg
29115, Orangeburg, Orangeburg
29115, Pecan Way Terrace, Orangeburg
29116, Orangeburg, Orangeburg
29117, Orangeburg, Orangeburg
29124, Perry, Aiken
29129, Ridge Spring, Aiken, Saluda
29133, Rowesville, Orangeburg
29137, Berlin, Aiken
29137, Kitchings Mill, Aiken
29137, Salley, Aiken, Orangeburg
29138, Emory, Saluda
29138, Fruit Hill, Saluda
29138, Richland Springs, Saluda
29138, Saluda, Saluda
29142, Parlers, Orangeburg
29142, Santee, Orangeburg
29146, Springfield, Aiken, Orangeburg
29163, Vance, Orangeburg
29164, Bethcar, Aiken
29164, H L Crossroads, Aiken
29164, Rocky Springs, Aiken
29164, Seivern, Aiken
29164, Wagener, Aiken
29166, Ward, Saluda
29432, Branchville, Dorchester, Orangeburg
29475, Padgetts, Colleton
29801, Aiken, Aiken
29802, Aiken, Aiken
29803, Aiken, Aiken
29804, Aiken, Aiken
29808, Aiken, Aiken
29808, E I Dupont Co, Aiken
29809, New Ellenton, Aiken
29810, Allendale, Allendale
29810, Seigling, Allendale
29812, Barnwell, Allendale, Barnwell
29812, Snelling, Barnwell
29813, Barnwell, Barnwell
29813, Hilda, Barnwell
29814, Barnwell, Barnwell
29814, Kline, Barnwell
29816, Bath, Aiken
29816, Johnstown, Aiken
29817, Blackville, Bamberg, Barnwell
29817, Lees, Bamberg
29819, Bradley, Greenwood
29819, Callison, Greenwood
29819, Promised Land, Greenwood
29821, Clarks Hill, Mccormick
29822, Clearwater, Aiken
29824, Cleora, Edgefield
29824, Edgefield, Edgefield
29824, Meeting Street, Edgefield
29824, Moss, Edgefield
29824, Pleasant Lane, Edgefield
29826, Elko, Barnwell
29827, Barton, Allendale
29827, Fairfax, Allendale, Hampton
29828, Gloverville, Aiken
29829, Graniteville, Aiken
29831, Dunbarton, Barnwell
29831, Ellenton, Aiken
29831, Jackson, Aiken
29831, Savannah River Plant, Aiken
29832, Johnston, Edgefield
29834, Breezy Hill, Aiken
29834, Langley, Aiken
29835, Bordeaux, Mccormick
29835, Britts, Mccormick
29835, McCormick, Mccormick
29835, Willington, Mccormick
29836, Hattieville, Barnwell
29836, Martin, Allendale
29838, Colliers, Mccormick
29838, Modoc, Mccormick
29839, Montmorenci, Aiken
29840, Mount Carmel, Mccormick
29841, Beech Island, Aiken
29841, Belvedere, Aiken
29841, North Augusta, Aiken, Edgefield
29842, Beech Island, Aiken
29842, North Augusta, Aiken, Edgefield
29843, Govan, Bamberg
29843, Olar, Bamberg, Barnwell
29844, Parksville, Mccormick
29845, Plum Branch, Mccormick
29846, Sycamore, Allendale
29847, Eureka, Aiken
29847, Trenton, Aiken, Edgefield
29848, Troy, Edgefield, Greenwood, McCormick
29849, Ulmer, Allendale
29850, Vaucluse, Aiken
29851, Burnettown, Aiken
29851, Mixville, Aiken
29851, Stiefeltown, Aiken
29851, Warrenville, Aiken
29853, White Pond, Aiken
29853, Williston, Aiken, Barnwell, Orangeburg
29856, Windsor, Aiken
29860, Beech Island, Aiken
29860, North Augusta, Aiken, Edgefield
29861, Beech Island, Aiken
29861, North Augusta, Aiken, Edgefield
29899, McCormick, McCormick
29899, McCormick Correctional Inst, McCormick
29911, Brunson, Hampton
29913, Crocketville, Hampton
29913, Hampton, Hampton
29916, Barkersville, Hampton
29916, Early Branch, Hampton
29916, Fechtig, Hampton
29916, Grays, Hampton, Jasper
29918, Estill, Hampton
29918, Nixville, Hampton
29921, Furman, Hampton
29922, Brighton, Hampton
29922, Garnett, Hampton
29922, Robertville, Hampton
29922, Shirley, Hampton
29923, Gifford, Hampton
29924, Hampton, Hampton
29932, Luray, Hampton
29933, Miley, Hampton
29934, Pineland, Hampton, Jasper
29939, Estill, Hampton
29939, Scotia, Hampton
29944, Varnville, Hampton
29945, Blake, Hampton
29945, Gardens Corner, Hampton
29945, Pocataligo, Hampton
29945, Salkehatchie, Hampton
29945, White Hall, Hampton
29945, Yemassee, Hampton, Beaufort

County (-ies) where town/city is located in bold, if zip code goes through more than one county.

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