Monday, May 27, 2013

Seven auto fatalities since Friday in Horry County and what are their cops doing? ILLEGALLY ARRESTING PEOPLE FOR BEING NUDE!

CONWAY — The news coming out of Horry County of people dying on every day of this holiday weekend should sadden everyone.

The fact that the Morality Police there are illegally arresting people for being nude while people are dying every 6-12 hours on their highways should anger everyone - especially the residents of Horry County.

Is it so damn important to promote gymnophobia just to feel good about 'cleaning up crime', that leaving people in crumpled up cars and motorcycles to literally die from their crash injuries has now become acceptable?

Yes, if you work for Horry County's law enforcement.

While they were busy illegally arresting and illegally citing people for being nude - and even having on thongs while fully clothed - seven people lost their lives on the county's highways this weekend.

That is not a misprint. Seven.

Horry County law enforcement's priorities are totally out of touch with national law enforcers' priorities: keeping drunk drivers off our streets.

Being nude in public has killed zero people.  Being drunk behind the wheel or handle bars has killed thousands.

Not a surprise that Horry County's Morality Police - located in Conway, Myrtle Beach and North Myrtle Beach - has gone completely out of control.  Their illegal arrests & citations could not have come at a worse time for them - as people are voting with their money when it comes to places and businesses that respect them.

The situation in Horry County proves that the war on nudists is every bit as real as the national war on women being waged by conservative state legislatures.

Horry County's law enforcers better get their act together, stop these illegal arrests and go after the real criminals - such as the drunk drivers.  Or else, they're gonna find themselves in a very big shitstorm like that currently embroiling Facebook right now.

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