Wednesday, May 01, 2013

Five Worst Sprint Cup Races of My Lifetime

Admit it: there are some races that are just flat out uninteresting.  This list covers them all since March 18, 1984:

5. 1997 Winston 500 at Talladega, Ala., May 10.  Won by Mark Martin.  This race was the first time that NASCAR raced on Mother's Day weekend and it was a bore.  Even gator-watching was more interesting than this event.

4. 1999 Kmart 400 at Brooklyn, Mich., June 13.  Won by Dale Jarrett.  About the only thing that I was happy about in this race was that Dale Jarrett won it (he was my favorite driver at that time).  Everything else was forgettable.

3. 2001 Aaron's 499 at Talladega, April 22.  Won by Bobby Hamilton Senior.  It was nice seeing the now-late Bobby Hamilton get a win, but I slept through all this one - except the final seven laps, getting ready for the long slog at high school.

2. 1984 Champion Spark Plug 400 at Brooklyn, August 12.  Won by Darrell Waltrip.  It is a good thing I was too young to remember this race.  Because if I was looking for excitement in a Youtube video, I'd be sorely disappointed.

1. 2002 Electronic Arts Sports 500 at Talladega, October 6.  Won by Dale Earnhardt Junior.  The only action in this race came on the warm-up laps when the front row starters, pole sitter Jimmie Johnson and second place starter Mark Martin wrecked each other as they were getting ready to line up for the start of the race.  This race marked the beginning of the end of NBC's contract to carry the Sprint Cup series - which would expire in 2006 and was not renewed - ESPN now replaces NBC (for the most part) in the Sprint Cup television coverage.

The only good side about these races? You get to hear the commentators talk about things they hardly ever have the time to talk about.

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