Wednesday, April 24, 2013

Time to tell OHSAA to ban Steubenville from the football postseason in 2013

STEUBENVILLE, OH -- About one day ago, I saw a headline that made me shudder and livid at the same time.

The headline: Coach Reno Saccaccio of Steubenville High School got a two year contract extension.

That right there validated the reason why I did not take any action demanding the Steubenville School District take action against Coach Saccaccio.  I knew that early on (from both Twitter chatter and from blogposts) the Steubenville School District was full of rape enablers, from the school board on down to the pupils and that any calls of action would go ignored by the district.

That is why I called on feminists like Katherine Redmond of the National Council Against Violent Athletes and the Frisky women to bypass the Steubenville School District and take the demands straight to the Ohio High School Athletic Association in Columbus.

The OHSAA is the sanctioning body of Ohio's high school athletics, with their roles about the same as the South Carolina High School League here.

The OHSAA is the one who can enforce punishment for a multitude of things in Ohio, such as for covering up sexual assault.

It is incumbent upon us to flood Commissioner Daniel Ross's inbox demanding that he ban Steubenville High School's football team from the postseason for at least this upcoming season.

It is worth noting that Williston-Elko and Jonesville were kicked out of the postseason for something far less severe in 1991.

If the NCAA can ban Pennsylvania State for four years for covering up molestation from Jerry Sandusky, then most certainly the OHSAA can hand down a precedent-setting punishment to Steubenville and make it known that sexual assault will never again be second-fiddle to sports.

Contact Dr. Ross and demand that he ban Steubenville High School's football team from the playoffs in 2013!

Thanks to Think Progress and Jessica Wakeman for the links.

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