Sunday, April 14, 2013

Ignorance at the Blaze over ESPN's standards should make everyone's blood boil

JUSTIN, TX -- Enough is enough.

The radical fascists and McCarthyists at the Blaze lumped ESPN in their attacking of the coverage of Saturday's NASCAR Sprint Cup Series NRA 500 race without even knowing the network's long-standing standards.

Here is some of the post - I refuse to give McCarthyists and radical fascists at the Blaze who are too fucking ignorant to actually watch ESPN on a daily basis any kind of traffic whatsoever.

ESPN’s live, 1am ET edition of SportsCenter did the same thing. TheBlaze also received several tips from those who watched the race on Fox’s local affiliates saying the network, too, seemed to be erasing the NRA from it’s paid-for position.

But further examination reveals that the three outlets seem to have been simply keeping in line with the way they’ve recently handled official race names, specifically when looking at last week’s race in Martinsville as a comparison.

The coverage and complaints

Similarly, on Saturday’s early morning recap of the race on ESPN the anchors used more generic references to the race being in Texas. Likewise, the network’s graphics never showed the race’s correct, full name.

As for ESPN, while recapping last week’s Martinsville race on air, the network did not mention the name “STP Gas Booster 500″

Additionally, in a post-race interview with Busch the initials “NRA” as well as the race’s NRA logo are visible over his left shoulder. (ESPN had earlier reported that two racers were told not to conduct interviews in the track’s media center to avoid appearing with the NRA log — it appears Busch wasn’t one of them.)

Obviously, if the ignoramuses at the Blaze ACTUALLY WATCHED ESPN ever since 2007, they would have known that out of the FIVE grand slam races (the NRA 500 & the Autumn Chase race at Justin are not among them), there are ONLY TWO races that ESPN called by its name regularly: the Daytona 500 AND the Brickyard 400 - the latter of which is ON ESPN until at least next year, when the TV deals are up for negotiations.  ESPN has never once called the Aaron's 499 at Talladega, Ala. (coming up on May 5) by its name, they have never once called the Bojangles Southern 500 at Darlington (coming up on May 11) by its name, and they have never once called the Coca-Cola 600 (coming up on May 26) by its name during that time period.  I know this because until Brent Musberger made a sexist comment about A.J. McCarron's girlfriend, Katherine Webb, I used to watch the network all the time.

Ignorance is certainly not bliss, especially when it comes to the daily slime and slander campaign that the radical McCarthyists on the right are engineering.

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