Monday, March 04, 2013

Worst People of the Month: GoDaddy and Rep. Nancy Pelosi

Rep. Pelosi (D-Calif.) was named as one of the two Worst People of the Month for March due to her offensive remarks about public nudity.

February is gone. And for the Worst of the Month for March is actually bipartisan.

The first worst person of the month is no surprise to those who watched the Harbaugh Bros. bowl. GoDaddy had nearly 7,400 tweets accompanied with #notbuyingit, and (since no anti-choice ad aired) easily earning their place in infamy as having the worst Super Bowl ad of 2013. GoDaddy is owned by a far right wing activist.

From the right to the left we go for the second worst person of the month. Rep. Nancy Pelosi sided with the oppressors in early February when she said that 'we have our standards'. The last time I checked, there was no right to not be offended in the Constitution, as well as there being no right to discriminate against nudists or any group of law-abiding citizens based upon their lifestyles or occupation.

And that means that Democrat Rep. Pelosi is the second worst person of the month for March.

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