Monday, March 04, 2013

Save Caitlin Halligan's nomination for the most important court in the US

WASHINGTON -- New Congress, same old unfinished business due to right wing obstruction.

Over the weekend, President Obama renominated the well-qualified Caitlin Halligan - this time, for the Third Circuit Court of Appeals.

Already, the soft-on-crime conservatives, along with the femicidial misogynists such as those from 'LifeSite News', are coming out of their holes already to deny this pro-Constitution judge a seat on the bench.

If President Obama had a little bit more common sense, he'd withdraw the Halligan nomination for the lower courts and save her nomination for the most important court of them all: the US Supreme Court.

Why save her nomination until one of five conservative judicial activists retire? Because Ms. Halligan can right the wrongs of the current Supreme Court and do not have to worry about her decisions being overturned by a court that has violated the US Constitution repeatedly since April 18, 2007.

One of the far right judicial activists will be retiring within the next three years. Ms. Halligan is a much better fit for the Supreme Court than for the Third Circuit.

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