Friday, March 22, 2013

Feminists must help STOP the War on Nudists' rights

SAN FRANCISCO -- It seems like every two years, a new issue arises for the feminists to tackle.

In 2007, it was breastfeeding.  In advance of the new MUTCD in December 2009, it was road sign legibility (and by extension, elderly rights).  In 2011, it was immigration with SB1070-like laws being passed.

And this year, it is the right to be nude in public, a little-known Constitutional right (in no less than four amendments) that is under attack by rogue county politicians (and now, activist judges) in San Francisco; by rogue city politicians in Fredericksburg, Va.; and by rogue state politicians in Raleigh.

As Bitch Magazine rightfully put it a short seven weeks ago when people complained about Beyoncé's performance in Super Bowl XLVII, there is absolutely no right to not be offended in the Constitution.  That's why what San Francisco, Fredericksburg and Raleigh are doing are a direct violation of at least four Constitutional amendments: the 1st Amendment (free expression), the 9th Amendment (rights retained by the people, one of which is the right to be nude in public), the 13th Amendment (forced clothing, which qualifies as involuntary servitude under that clause) and the 14th Amendment (equal protection clause, due to the fact that women can still be topless in SF, women can still breastfeed in public Fredericksburg and San Francisco, and men can still be topless in Fredericksburg and in the state of North Carolina).

While none of the 26 amendments in the Constitution is absolute, there was no ambiguity whatsoever that was written into the 9th, 13th and 14th amendments.  Those three amendments alone - and the 14th in particular - prohibited politicians from banning public nudity if other rights (aside from those already written into the Constitution) were enumerated (such as the aforementioned right to breastfeed in public).

Bans on public nudity violate the 14th Amendment two ways.  First, it is blatant sexual discrimination against men in 45 states and in the District of Columbia, something that this amendment designed to prohibit.  Forty years ago (which seems like a long time ago given how fast people are dying nowadays), women went to court to combat sex discrimination in almost all parts of society - sadly, sexual discrimination against women still exists today (female employees being denied birth control by for-profit businesses they work at due to shoddy reasons such as 'religious freedom').  Second, it is discrimination against a group of law-abiding citizens based on their lifestyle.  As long as the group(s) did not commit acts of treason or high crimes against the United States at any point in history, lifestyle groups are allowed to be created in the US.

Keep in mind, women are as many as one WRONG decision from the Supreme Court (particularly when it comes to nudity bans) away from losing the right to breastfeed in public, since the two issues are somewhat intertwined.  Lactivists successfully used the 9th Amendment to get 90% of the States to allow breastfeeding.  Nudists would be wise to use the 9th and 14th Amendments for the same reason.

Hence, my current exile from Twitter.  I haven't been on Twitter since Monday and I warned feminists of my indefinite hiatus (the previous day) until they support and endorse the right to be nude in public and vow to fight all bans on public nudity in court.  After all, the current war on nudists are almost as parallel as the right wing's current War on Women - since the bans on public nudity in nearly all areas also prohibit women from being topless, and businesses are also allowed to eject breastfeeding moms from their establishments in most areas that have bans on public nudity, even if state law conflicts with the municipalities' law (which is the case in 45 States).

The right to breastfeed in public is a basic human right and no one or entity has the authority to dictate where a mom can go.

The right to be nude in public is also part of basic human rights for much the same reason.

Bans on public nudity violate basic human rights.  Simply put.  There is no justification for banning public nudity.  NONE.

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