Monday, December 10, 2012

Human Rights Day 2012: Attacks on basic human rights continue in United States with union-busting + bans on nudity, abortion

Today is Human Rights Day.  And for the United States, it is not a day to commemorate.

Last week saw no fewer than three separate attacks on basic human rights in two states.

On Tuesday, the San Francisco Board of Supervisors voted by a margin of 6-5 to strip nudists of their basic human rights and cops in the county arrested people for protesting the unconstitutional law.  The same thing happened in Lansing, Mich., on Thursday - only difference being that instead of nudists' rights being taken away, it was workers' rights that was taken away by radical conservatives in the Michigan state legislature as they approved of an un-American union-busting law (even the President has ripped the proposal apart).  Also in Lansing, also on Thursday, new anti-choice laws are being considered that would put the state on par with the likes of Kansas, Virginia and Arizona for having the most radical laws of their kind if they all passed.

However, on this Human Rights Day, we got a little bit of good news from the Tar Heel State.

Misogynists lost a battle in federal court over the "Choose Life" plates because a pro-choice version was excluded from consideration.  The courts rightfully said that it was viewpoint discrimination and struck down the law allowing the plates.

Unfortunately, since it is less than 60 days before extreme misogynist Pat McCrory becomes the next governor of North Carolina, the law can be appealed by his administration, thereby bypassing Gov. Beverly Perdue.

The anti-choice plates was written into law by an override of Gov. Perdue's veto.

There are much more to talk about.  On Friday, the Supreme Court announced that they were taking up several laws and amendments dealing with LGBT rights - including California's Proposition 8 and the "Don't Ask, Don't Tell" executive order.

Also, the Supreme Court will take up forced arbitration laws in the very near future.

Last week was a major defeat for human rights, but things are off to a good start this week with the striking down of an anti-choice proposal.  Let's hope that these anti-choice proposals, the anti-gay proposals, the anti-workers' rights proposals and the bans on public nudity go to their rightful place: in the garbage heap of history.

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