Tuesday, December 25, 2012

Closing for 2012...

The last blog post of 2012 will summarize a brief look back at the year.

Warmest winter on record was set this year, and on March 23 - three days after spring began - the mercury topped out 94 degrees in Bamberg, convincing some who had been climate change deniers for years to ultimately accept that it is a real problem.

Columbia and Johnston now share a place in the history books - both localities set a record high for June 29 at 113 degrees. This broke a nearly 87-year-old record of 111 that was set by Blackville, and was tied years later by Calhoun Falls and Camden.

The changing of the guard may be in the offing at NASCAR after Jimmie Johnson did something he had not done since 2005 - collapse in a championship race (he was eliminated from title contention long before the final event in 2011, thus 2011 does not count). Dale Earnhardt Junior set the fastest lap in NASCAR history when he crossed the start/finish to complete Lap 200 and snap his 143-race losing streak in the Quicken Loans 400 on June 17 at Brooklyn, Mich. - 218.026 mph. Marcos Ambrose set the fastest qualifying (and official) lap since July 24, 1987; a day earlier.

The National Hockey League saw its last game of 2012 in June, when the Los Angeles Kings became the lowest seed possible (#8) to win the Stanley Cup, defeating New Jersey Devils (#6 seed) in the lowest seeded Stanley Cup battle this far in the league's history.

Lebron James finally got the NBA championship ring he was after with the Miami Heat, defeating the Oklahoma City Thunder in five games.

Women made the GOP pay the price for their war on women - however, they still did not get the message.

And in San Francisco, another war was being waged: a war on nudists. This will likely cost the city in terms of court costs, reputation, and in the upcoming elections as fed up San Franciscans are already targeting Scott Weiner.

A massacre that was made possible with the NRA's help in Newtown, Conn. Remember, Connecticut has the most lax gun laws of all Northeastern states - and they are far more lax than even the laxed gun laws that Pennsylvania Gov. Tom Corbett signed this year. No gun control laws have been on the books in any Connecticut community since 2005. So, can't blame gun-free zones for this massacre as schools in Connecticut are NO LONGER gun-free zones (and have not been gun-free zones since August 2006), thereby allowing Adam Lanza easy, and (sadly) legal, access to Sandy Hook Elementary.

2012 was a year of tragedy. If you can remember the most significant In Memoriam for every month, then you are in excellent company. I won't name the names of those dead because there have been too many, but keep these people in mind - they had big plans and those plans will never happen - ever.

That's it for 2012. I will return on January 2, 2013!

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