Saturday, December 08, 2012

Boycott of San Francisco County is on!

SAN FRANCISCO -- Scott Weiner and his five radical conservatives held together on Tuesday and banned public nudity in the City that is now formerly known as the true beacon of freedom in the United States.

That means a public ban on nudity will be in effect on January 31, 2013; unless a judge or court strikes down this illegal and unconstitutional law.

If you support true freedom, don't wait until then to boycott San Francisco County - do it NOW!

Here is the like page, call for a boycott of their city and county on their page! (Be respectful, though.)

If you are a resident of San Francisco, recall the following Supervisors:

Mark Farrell
Carmen Chu
David Chiu
Malia Cohen
Sean Elsbernd
Scott Weiner

Send the message that assaults on nudists' civil rights are still assaults on civil rights and that nudists' will take back San Francisco at the ballot box!

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