Sunday, November 18, 2012

Time to recall all 11 Supervisors in San Francisco

SAN FRANCISCO -- A lawsuit filed by local civil rights attorney Christina DiEdoardo should have gotten the attention of the San Francisco Board of Supervisors.

But, it did not.

Instead, 11 self-appointed right wing moralists known as the Supervisors are ignoring the will of the state Constitution, ignoring the will of the federal Constitution (the freedom of expression clause of the First Amendment), and ignoring the will of the people in trying to pass a complete ban on nudity - a ban that has absolutely no exceptions for fairs or any other event that happens.

This blatant overreach by the Board of Supervisors is where Article II of the California Constitution comes in.  It provides the people (in this case, San Franciscans) with the power to recall elected officials, including Supervisors.  This power was most famously used by the California GOP in 2003 to remove Gray Davis, the governor at the time, from office.

This crass abuse of power by the Supervisors is even worse than the scandals that led to Davis's ouster as the state's governor.

This proposal is not about satisfying the concerns that people in the Castro community have (and they do have a legitimate concern).  This proposal is all about enforcing Kansas-style values on a city who had long resisted the radical conservative social engineering policies that came from the South and rural Midwest.  This proposal is all about forcing the locals to violate their beliefs.  This proposal is all about stripping nudists of their civil rights.  The Rev. Dr. Martin Luther King Jr. and his wife, Coretta Scott King, would be angry as hell at the Board of Supervisors for considering a ban on nudity in public.

There are already solutions to the problem that the Castro locals face, and it requires NO additional legislation - especially unconstitutional legislation - like this from none other than Scott Weiner.  Nudity is not obscene. Nudity is not pornographic. Nudity is NOT lewd.

What is lewd and obscene is public masturbation.  The law already allows for prosecution for public masturbation - which oh by the way, is a felony in California.  There have been hundreds (if not thousands) of successful prosecutions for lewd and lascivious acts in San Francisco since January 1, 2010 - including for public masturbation.

The ban on public nudity is not the solution. It is the problem.

The work on getting San Francisco back on track looks to begin in earnest on Wednesday if all reports are true, with recall petitions beginning to be filed.  It takes 20% of the residents to sign the petition and begin the task of taking San Francisco back.

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