Tuesday, October 30, 2012

Richard Roundtree is the clear choice for Augusta-Richmond County's sheriff

AUGUSTA, GA -- One week from today, Augusta-Richmond County will vote for a sheriff to replace retiring sheriff Ronald Strength.

This race has grabbed a lot of attention here locally.

Augusta-Richmond County Sheriff is an important position, considering that the department have to cover all of the urban county. And that means that someone with experience is needed in the sheriff's position.

For that reason, this blog endorses Richard Roundtree, the current Sargent of the Sheriff's Department.

Augusta-Richmond County and its county seat are urban, just like Orangeburg. Before Leroy Ravenell was elected as Sheriff of Orangeburg County, crime was through the roof, much like it is in Augusta now. Ravenell has reduced crime in Orangeburg County.

We are convinced that Roundtree will follow Ravenell's example in Augusta-Richmond County. Nothing against Freddie Sanders, but an urban area like Augusta calls for a sheriff who the majority of the community can feel comfortable with.

One week from today, vote for Richard Roundtree as Augusta-Richmond County's next sheriff.

Endorsements so far

President: Barack Obama*, no endorsement
Augusta-Richmond County Sheriff: Richard Roundtree
South Carolina House District 91: Lonnie Hosey

* - Obama endorsement is for battleground states only. Otherwise, this blog makes no endorsement for president.

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