Sunday, March 04, 2012

McDonnell's Out-of-Control Gestapo arrests peaceful protesters in Richmond

RICHMOND, VA -- Yesterday at the Virginia State House, a peaceful protest was held to protest the state government's Taliban-style war on women.

Before it was over, Bob McDonnell had called in his Gestapo to arrest law-abiding, taxpaying citizens fed up with his brutal, destructive agenda.

In all, there were more than one hundred officers wearing SWAT gear and wearing armor and face shields that were used in the illegal arrests of 31 people -- 17 women and 14 men.  The arrests of the untrigetet is clear proof of McDonnell's naked violation of the US Constitution and the First Amendment rights of the protesters.

If McDonnell insists on violating people's right to protest, it is up to the people to remove him from power by all means necessary.

Bob McDonnell is even worse than Bashar al-Assad, the Syrian dictator who is brutalizing people in his own nation much like how McDonnell is brutalizing the people of Virginia.

It is high time that the people spoke out against the blatant abuse of power in the State Houses nationwide.

Below are pictures of McDonnell's Gestapo in action.  UPDATE at 15:15: a video has been added.

Bob McDonnell sent his Gestapo to brutalize peaceful pro-choice activists protesting his misogynistic agenda.

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