Wednesday, June 29, 2011

Turner Time, 30 years later: Why television stations, radio stations and other businesses should implement it

ATLANTA - Today is the 30th Anniversary of Turner Time.

This modern concept was adopted on June 29, 1981 by media moguls Ted Turner and Jane Fonda on two of Ted's stations -- TBS and TNT. Sadly, Mr. Turner unilaterally scrapped it in 2000.

Many people are asking what exactly is Turner Time.

Turner Time is a concept in which events, programming and shifts on jobs begin at :05 or :35, as opposed to conventional time (:00 or :30). What that means is that programming that aired on TBS and TNT began five minutes later than other programming and went off the air five minutes later too. Turner Time was used most notably on programs like the Flintstones, WCW Wrestling and NASCAR's Coca-Cola 600.

Turner Time is still in use, but on other lesser known television stations. Spanish-language television station Telemundo uses some variant of Turner Time.

And yes, some businesses (believe it or not) use Turner Time for beginning and ending shifts. But, I seriously doubt that Americans know which businesses in this country begin and end their shifts at :05 and :35.

Turner Time is a successful concept given that most pundits saw it as a gimmick as first that should have been shelved at the end of 1981. And the significant parta of this success was the fact that television viewers were given five minutes to turn to TBS and TNT without missing one minute of their shows (if they did not find one thing they like on other stations) or watch a show they like on TBS and TNT before turning to another station .

Given that success; ABC, CBS, NBC, Fox, MyNetworkTV, and the CW (which is partially owned by Turner) would be wise to implement Turner Time. All television affiliates across the nation, as well as radio stations, businesses, and organizers of progressive political rallies and also would also be wise in doing the same.

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