Friday, April 17, 2009

A big thank you to Janeane Garofalo for calling it like it is

NEW YORK CITY -- Janeane Garofalo, a real American hero, says it correctly: the conservatives are RACIST REDNECKS. Here is the video.

Don't bother looking at the filth coming from the racist right wingers at Hot Air or under the video on YouTube.


Jennie said...

What a joke. Apparently Ms. Garofalo continues in her comedic ways because neither she nor the person thanking her for "calling like it is" has a clue.

It is comedic to try and latch on to the excuse that this is a race issue. Are you kidding me? Is that all you've got?

It is clear and simple. The people attending these tea parties, yes mostly conservatives who did not vote for Obama, not because he's black - that's thin and flimsy - but because we do not agree with the enormous growth in government control and spending. Spending of monies that the government does not have, mortgaging the future of our children and grandchildren in order to propogate an agenda to grow government into something it was never intended to be.

My 17 year old son, who attended a tea party with me in Alabama, spent today at his private alternative school with his classmates, the majority of whom are African American. After school he (white) and three friends (all African American) hung out until football practice. They are his classmates, his teammates and his friends. I wish for their sakes that the promise that they saw in having the first African American man win the office of President was the promise of a better future but with the incredible debt being piled on, we are all going to have a big price to pay.

jovan b. said...

Jennie it is the truth. No more than about 4% of the TEA partiers were African-American. The Pensacola, FL location that was caught on video was all white.

And like I said when blogging on here, I'll say to you: if you had any complaints, you should have lodged those complaints against the GOP majority six years ago. What happened six years ago with the tax cuts for the rich got us to where we are today -- in a deep recession. And the constant gutting of programs for those who needed it most was the most egregious thing Bush did.

Obama is serious about getting rid of this deficit, much like Clinton before him. The GOP has nothing to offer but the same policies that directly caused this mess. Until they can offer something new, they will continue to be in a definitive minority for many, many years to come.

Bryan said...

The Bush tax cuts have nothing to do with the situation we're in now. This is all about corruption in the mortgage and insurance companies and banks, of which both dems and republicans are guilty. It's about people borrowing more than they can afford and businesses too big to fail. Bush wasn't innocent and Obama is making it worse. You see, these are the issues, which Garafalo is scared of. She doesn't address them, but rather insults average Americans she doesn't know. Are you serious?

If people speak out against their government on policy they're racist and stupid? I can't believe that. There were 10s of thousands of people who came out of their houses just wanting to be heard, and the far left has a problem with that? Is that what the far left is about? They can't just let people be heard and have sensible debates on the issues? THAT, is why the dems will lose in 2010. They simply don't understand that Americans voted on the economy and not a leftist restructuring of the nation. The media and clowns like Garafalo will drive their ship all the way to the bottom of the ocean. I hope for Obamas sake, he succeeds in spite of them. I believe that a president has to do what he thinks is best for the nation, despite protesters objections. But protesters have the right to be heard and the media has the job of analyzing their views. Not insulting them for protesting. The media has become so bold in its bias that people don't watch or read anymore. Ratings and sales are plumetting and still they continue on with their political agendas. Viewers don't want that. Fair-minded people don't want to sit and watch that. If it hadn't been for YouTube, I never would have known about this. Who's still watching these programs?

jovan b. said...

Yes, the Bush tax cuts have A LOT to do with our current situation, Bryan. Fact and the matter is, he and you thought that trickle-down economics was going to work for this country. It didn't. Look where that has gotten us.

And the tax cuts for the wealthy is NOT the only reason why we are in this mess --- unlike the 1980s and early 1990s. Lending practices, bad mortgages and the other stuff also caused this as well.

And the protesters in Pensacola made this all about race, Ms. Garofalo didn't. If they were speaking out solely against higher taxes, then Ms. Garofalo would not have gotten as angry as she did.

And if I were you and the conservatives, I'd stop bashing Obama for nothing and start coming up with some ideas that are NOT from the Bush years. Failure to do that will result in conservatives being a definitive minority for many years to come. You can forget about 2012 if you and your conservative friends keep this up.

fedup said...

When are we going to stop blaming the rich for making the poor, poorer? This county won't come out of this mess until we start requiring personal accountability from government AND INDIVIDUALS. We are a society of gotta haves...gotta have the new big house, those $200 jeans and $200Nike Shoes and doesn't matter how much debt we rack up to get it. No one forced people to buy houses that they clearly can't afford; we have no self restraint or work ethic. If people are getting poorer, could it be the lack of work ethic, the DRUG ABUSE, addiction to material things? What people are fed up with at tea parties is the continuous waste of money for special interests. How many people in Congress actually read that outrageous Stimulus Bill before signing it? I would guess not more than 3. I think Congress should have personal responsibility to read a bill before signing up for the largest spending spree in history. I live in Oregon and the only thing they ever cut is School and public safety budgets. Why, because they know people will always buck up for these items, but not for their special interest items that can't pass on their own. This is what people are fed up with, the manipulation and inability to actually focus on solving issues.

jovan b. said...

Where have you been for the last eight years, fedup?

The rich didn't work hard at all for their money since the Bush tax cuts passed six years ago. They got that money by stealing from the hard-working middle class, which saw their wages go down every single year in Bush's last six years, even as middle-class folks were working longer.

And yes, individual responsibility is needed, and that should include the wealthy.

Even though it cost way more, the Obama stimulus package contained more money for the American people, while Bush's stimulus package -- which no one on the right raised a peep about -- contained more pork and less money for the American people.

And if they are cutting education in Oregon, then the people in the Beaver State are going to be about as ignorant as the GOP here in South Carolina. That is what these politicians in the Palmetto State want. The less education one gets, the more likely they will vote for the Republicans.

SoYouThinkYouCanInvest said...

I'm so disappointed in the level of discourse allowed on these so-called news channels. It's revolting. Here is my full response to this:

fedup said...

Once again you equate someone who has worked hard and gained “wealth” as doing so only at the cost of taking it out of some other person’s hands. I don’t buy into this argument, especially when there are just as many studies that show the middle class wages have actually increased in today’s dollars over the last 10 years. You ask, where have I been the last 8 years? I have been a “middle class” worker who has been working hard and has seen a significant increase in both my life style and wages over the last few yeas as well as those around me. I have been responsible and did not buy into 'keep up with the Jones' mentality and lived within my means. Instead, I took that money and have been taking advantage of tax breaks by saving for my retirement and investing in my children’s education, both primary and college. I am ‘fed up’ of watching those around me continually make poor decisions then want to be bailed out. In addition to this country’s addiction to debt and drugs, we are now developing another addiction, an addiction to bailouts and entitlements.
I think you need to take a look at who is attending these tea parties, it isn’t just republicans, it is also democrats and independents all of whom are fed up with both the past and present stimulus spending, increases and waste that still must be paid for by our children, not the people who are addicted to debt. Surveys have indicated slightly less than 50% of attendants were republican while the other slightly more than 50% was made up almost equally between democrats and independents. We are all fed up because Congress feels it necessary to push though the largest spending bills in history at a record pace and do not even read them or have a clue as to what or where the money is going. What person in their right mind spends their own money like that? Well, congress is spending YOUR money like that.
As for the cutting of education, as I am sure you know this, but Oregon is a state run by the democrats and yes we do continue to do poorly compared to other states when it come to investing in education. The more democratic the county is the worse off the school district. It is truly unfortunate and thus why I continue to not believe in the government’s ability to focus and fix the problems that I feel should be the top priorities.
As for the tea parties being racist, people of all walks of live were encouraged to attend such events. Perhaps the African-American’s that you did not see at one party, choose to exercise their right to not attend. That was their choice. People are also fed up with being called a racist red neck just because they don’t agree with the policies and practices of the current government and are exercising their RIGHT to free speech. I’m sure there are many racist people out there, after all how many people to you think actually voted for Obama just because he is black? I would argue that far more than voted for him just because he was black than those who did not vote for him because of the color of his skin. I would consider those people just as racist as they placed their vote based on the color of his skin, not his policies

jovan b. said...

fedup, very few people I know voted for Obama just because he was black. I certainly didn't vote for him because of his skin color, I voted for him because we need a president who will get the Big Brother government out of our personal lives -- I even posted that back in October. Big Brother government, Bush and Co., blatantly invaded our privacy like never before, taken away more of our rights like never before and have created the biggest economic disaster live never before.

Yes, the middle-class workers are working harder and making LESS, whether you want to believe it or not! Middle-class wages have actually FALLEN by 50% over the last five years. The wealthy have experienced a 200% INCREASE in their paychecks over the same period.

And Oregon doesn't rank dead last in education, South Carolina does. Just today, Mark Sanford's refusal to accept the education portion of the stimulus money has resulted in the massive layoffs of teachers at Barnwell District 45. Think about that next time BEFORE you decide to criticize Obama over EVERYTHING.

fedup said...

Wow, Jovan B. You sure have taken some major liberties with my posts. Name one place where I have blamed Obama for "Everything", or even anything. If you read again, I take huge issue with Congress, under both Bush and Obama. At his point, Congress is running this country, not Obama. You say you voted for Obama because you want to get big government out of your life... well you better start paying attention to what is going on out there. Big government is getting more involved in your life and taking away more of your rights; that is exactly why people were out at tea parties... sounds like you should have attended one yourself if that is truly what you believe as you would have been in the company of those with similar view point.

jovan b. said...

The government is already getting its nose out of our personal lives, undoing most of the Bush policies.

Our economic lives, though? The "less government" people screwed this one up. So now, all of us have to take responsibility for the failure of "trickle-down" economics.

BTW, a WRDW viewer named Mike said it correctly on Monday: these TEA parties came way too late. This should have been done in 2003, instead of now.

D. Milton said...

Jennie, henny penny or whatever your name is. guess what? you're white. I don't like you because you got pulled in by the twisted flipping back and forth tongue of the prez. to me a person with a mic that hasn't a clue is dangerous. To even her 'friends'. Putting the BO thing in a hates blacks box is an easy way out and what people like you go to when you have no valid arguement and no clue. Is that all you've got in your arsenal? As most liberals you did not do your homework before you voted and do not do it now. Do some research, come up with something intelligent and real not flippant and that you have heard by hearsay.

Rob said...

Re "If people speak out against their government on policy they're racist and stupid?"

No. They're racist and stupid only when they speak out against a black president who hasn't raised our taxes when a white president was responsible for massively expanding the size of our government and national debt. In other words, they're racist and stupid only when their tea tantrums are clearly hypocritical.

Fedup, if you took issue with Bush's policies before the 2008 election, send us the links to your comments online. Then we can judge whether you're as hypocritical as the other teabaggers.

I bet Jovan B. can prove the consistency of his views over the last nine years. I know I can. Can you?

P.S. For more on the subject, see Teabaggers Misuse Indian Imagery.

mkfreeberg said...

I bet Jovan B. can prove the consistency of his views over the last nine years. I know I can. Can you?If you've got such a simplistic Garofalo-mindset as to think anybody who opposes Obama's policies is a white racist, and you can show you've thought this consistently over the last nine years, it doesn't make that viewpoint any more correct. I'm sure you agree with that, right?

Ms. Garofalo's position is as indefensible as it is absurd. Obama's policies, what we've seen of them so far, amount to an attempt to lift us up into halcyon economic times by means of unprecedented magnitudes of deficit spending. Maybe you think that will work. Maybe you think I'm a stupid idiot for not getting behind it...just because that's not even close to how I run my household (and it probably isn't similar to the way you run your household either).

But I'll guarantee you one thing right here and now. If Obama was chalky-white, I wouldn't like His plans any better. You'll just have to take my word for that.

Oh, and "Don't bother looking at the filth coming from the..."??? Lame-o. If you want to sound off in an echo chamber, just admit it.

Rob said...

I thought I made my position on the protesters' racism clear, MK. I'll repeat it in case you somehow missed it:

They're racist and stupid only when they speak out against a black president who hasn't raised our taxes when a white president was responsible for massively expanding the size of our government and national debt. In other words, they're racist and stupid only when their tea tantrums are clearly hypocritical.

Since you've yet to say one word about Bush's policies, you've yet to demonstrate that you aren't a hypocritical racist. Feel free to address my point rather than repeating your point about how you oppose Obama's policies.

mkfreeberg said...

And here's my answer for Rob.

DaisyDeadhead said...

Wow, Jovan~! You weren't kidding about the rightwingnut infestation on this thread, were you? Eeeeeyuck. Stinky-poo!

Mk, you have a "Palin in 2012" graphic on your blog, and you actually expect people to reply to you as if you are an intelligent person? Now, why would anyone bother to do that?

She can see Russia from her house!

Next up: Bristol on abstinence!


bmmg39 said...

"Jennie it is the truth. No more than about 4% of the TEA partiers were African-American. The Pensacola, FL location that was caught on video was all white."

Ya heard it here first, folks. "White" = "racist."

"What happened six years ago with the tax cuts for the rich got us to where we are today -- in a deep recession."

You lie by omission. Bush did not give "tax cuts to the rich;" he gave tax cuts to everyone who paid taxes. You conveniently leave that part out, so as to suggest that he was hammering the middle class and telling "his rich oil buddies" they they'd be off the hook completely for another year.

jovan b. said...

Wow. The same person that attempted to derail a couple of threads two years ago on Amanda Marcotte's blog.

Let's face it, bmmg39, the facts are the facts. Bush gave the weathiest Americans about 99% of the tax cuts. Not one middle class families received anymore than $304.00 back in those tax cuts.

mkfreeberg said...

Mk, you have a "Palin in 2012" graphic on your blog, and you actually expect people to reply to you as if you are an intelligent person? Now, why would anyone bother to do that?

She can see Russia from her house!
What an untimely moment for that kind of reference after Pelosi's dismal performance. A "First-Woman Something" who is likely to do a great job at it, as opposed to a dismal one like Speaker Nan? The Palin In 2012 campaign doesn't even need an advertising budget; real-life events remind Americans every single week that it's a great idea. Better than anything proposed, let alone acted-upon, in 2008.

Back to the subject at hand, Daisy. We were discussing something a real idiot woman really did say that really did reveal an ugly streak of hatred and nastiness that really is there. Except it's about Jeneane Garofalo.

Whose job description is: To be funny. Can't even remember the last time she'd receive a favorable performance review in that gig.

It really is an interesting double standard. Lefties get it in their twisted heads that righties might have once upon a time said something, and that's as good as living-proof. Sounds like something he/she'd say, after all! So they get into this "A proves B and B proves A" logical mess that doesn't substantiate, let alone prove, anything. But on the other side, Rob's in this thread after every single dissenting comment, splitting hairs down to the atomic level. The White President has expanded our budget. The Black President hasn't raised our taxes. I never said the tea party protesters were racist and stupid for protesting the Black President, I said they were racist and stupid for having failed to protest the White One! Or something.

The common theme seems to be, on the left side of the aisle, you can get seemingly random thoughts in your head and then simply challenge the decency of others if they don't automatically agree with you about everything.

Maybe now that you folks have won the elections -- you could spend just a little bit more time coming up with solutions to these problems you keep saying your Guy inherited (and 64% of those polled would like you to knock it off, by the way, but that's another story)...and less time accusing complete and total strangers of things, when really, you don't give a rat's ass if they keep doing them or not.

jovan b. said...

mkfreeberg, Daisy's post is very relevant to the post at hand, since you take issue with Obama's policies and seem to think that college-educated people (the people Obama won overwhelmingly) are ignorant.

mkfreeberg said...

Here Jovan, you need to be exposed to a larger and more broad-minded way of looking at the world. So let's try this: Apply Rob's sense of logic to my point. This may violate some encapsulation rule you folks have; but if you're all as really open-minded as you claim you ought to be able to at least entertain it.

I've got this idea -- just kinda pulled right outta my rear end -- that Daisy is a dude. He's got all this resentment against women because he keeps asking them out on dates and they keep turning him down. And so when Tina Fey suggests Sarah Palin said something she didn't really say, this guy who calls himself "Daisy" is only too willing to believe it since it makes fun of those dumb girls & everything.

In fact, that's why he's so much more enthused about Obama than Hillary.

And I've also got a wild itch between my ears that Rob's had the same dismal experience with women and has the same bone to pick with them.

Silly? Absolutely. Over the top? Without question. And yet -- I'm just forming my wild conjecture about two people. Janeane Garofalo, on the other hand...and Rob...and Daisy...are forming their wild conjecture about thousands and thousands of people who went to these tea party protests. They are willing to lend their good names to the idea that all these people, every single one of 'em, are racist bigots. Must be so.

If you want to criticize our new black President, you can clear your name with Rob just by sending him a copy of equally excoriating words you've had for our previous white president. Until then, he holds it as a belief that you're a bigot and a racist. He's said so.

So I say, if you want to call Sarah Palin a dumbass I'll call you a male chauvinist pig until you can produce documentation that you've called Hillary Clinton exactly the same dirty names.

Both assertions, both arguments, are patently absurd.

The logic is precisely the same.

jovan b. said...

FYI MK, Daisy is a woman, not a man. I have criticized just about everybody for bullshit I didn't like -- Obama included.

dmarks said...

Jovan said: " What happened six years ago with the tax cuts for the rich got us to where we are today -- in a deep recession."

The tax cuts were for all taxpayers, a minority of whom were rich. And after the tax cuts took effect, the effect on the economy increased tax revenues.

"And the constant gutting of programs for those who needed it most was the most egregious thing Bush did."

Social spending also increased under Bush. If you want to look at cutting programs for those who need it, look at Obama's budget which eliminated education vouchers for DC school children while he expanded SCHIP with billions for free health care for rich adults.

"Obama is serious about getting rid of this deficit, much like Clinton before him."

Serious, like Col. Sanders is serious about saving chicken's lives? Clinton's budgets were in the hole every single year he was in office. President Obama is set to match Bush's 8 year debt total within 4 years. If he were serious about getting rid of the defecit, he's push for budgets with surpluses. Not much higher deficits than Bush did.

"The GOP has nothing to offer but the same policies that directly caused this mess."

The Fannie Mae/ Freddie Mac situation which directly caused this mess was engineered by Democrats.


Rob: Racist? Really? Do you think that the tax protests would have been any different had it been Edwards or Kerry (white guys) in office instead of Obama? Assuming that they also proposed Obama's same tax hikes, nominated a tax cheat for the Treasury, and kept with the no-strings-attached bailouts that Obama has done?


Daisy: "She can see Russia from her house!"

I thought that was a real quote, until I found out it came from Tina Fey.

mkfreeberg said...

Thanks for bringing that up, that's another part of the double standard.

The differential between reality, and my preconceived notions about these strangers -- which has absolutely zero to do with the point I seek to make -- in liberal land, completely derails anything I would have to say.

The differential between the reality of the tea party protesters, and Rob/Janeane's preconceived notions about them -- which is the basis of the entire point they seek to make -- slows down their inertia not even a little tiny bit. If so-and-so isn't racially motivated in their protesting, well then let's go ahead and pretend they are because it's just so much fun to think so.

This isn't the way well-adjusted individuals think.

Obama Himself has said the way we treat money in our nation's government, is unsustainable. So someone might have never given such issues a second thought before, ever...and now that our new President says debt is a real problem, they could have all kinds of new questions. Operating under Rob's definition we'd have to call that person a racist because they wouldn't have had the same questions for President Bush.

dmarks said...

If anyone is racist in this matter, it is those who are obsessed with color proportions of those who attended the tea parties, and then make generalizations based on that, or worse, yet, bash them on the basis of perceived skin color.

I've seen others call attention to Native American stereotypes at some of the protests. I've called attention to this myself. That's racist (unlike the Obama = Hitler signs), even if rare, so it is fair to point that out. Yet Ms. Garofalo is not making an issue of this real racism.

Race matters... only to racists.

Rob said...

I'm still waiting for someone to address my point rather than explain why he can't or won't address it. Until that happens, I'll keep repeating it:

The protesters are racist and stupid only when they speak out against a black president who hasn't raised our taxes when a white president was responsible for massively expanding the size of our government and national debt. In other words, they're racist and stupid only when their tea tantrums are clearly hypocritical.

MK, I see you're whining about having to prove you're not a hypocrite. I don't see anything resembling evidence on the point. Therefore, we're free to conclude you're a hypocrite who's too afraid to admit it. I.e., a coward as well as a hypocrite.

Heck, you're too afraid to even admit your support for Palin, perhaps the most unqualified candidate for president in decades. So let's try to pin down your chicken-legged tap-dancing. Do you support Palin for president in 2012: yes or no? Please answer.

As for you ridiculous comments about my "wild conjecture," you apparently don't know that conservatives have been protesting Obama's "liberalism" since he took office. In fact, since he became a candidate. These same conservatives didn't say one word about Bush when he violated their alleged principles. Nothing about expanding the national debt, infringing on privacy rights, or making religious decisions on scientific questions.

In short, if you think I'm judging conservatives based on one tea party and nothing else, you're even dumber than you seem. The only "wild conjecture" here is yours: that I don't know what hypocrites and liars you conservatives were during the Bush years. Unfortunately for you, I do know it. If one of you ever lifted a tea bag to protest Bush's policies, I must've missed it.

Yes, DMarks, I think the protests were worse than they would've been under Clinton or another Democrat. If the Democratic president had been white, 1) some minorities would've joined the protests, and 2) the protesters wouldn't have compared the president to Hitler or emphasized his middle name. Points such as these suggest the protesters' racism.

As for your other claims, they're mostly false or misleading. The rich got a much bigger percentage of the tax cuts than they usually get. Bush mainly increased spending on defense while he cut other programs. Bush's deregulation was a huge contributing factor in the mortgage and banking crises. Obama is temporarily increasing the deficit to deal with the Bush recession he inherited. Etc.

mkfreeberg said...

That's the difference between you and more reasonable people, Rob. In my world, you are free to conclude what you wish, wild conjecture and all.

I don't need to repeat that Sarah Palin would be a far better executive than your iPresident -- real life proves it every single day. That a Palin-in-2012 ticket would be an improvement, is an idea that needs no advertising. How many times would a President Palin have buzz-bombed Manhattan with low-flying aircraft?

On the other hand, that there is something racist about protesting your Replacement Jesus' "tax ourselves into prosperity" something you do need to repeat over and over again, because real-life events do not provide the proper enforcement for that. So go ahead and keep repeating it. We all know you need to.

As we've asked before at my corner: Is it possible to make liberal ideas look good, without misrepresenting things? Go ahead and form your own opinion, sir. I've formed mine.

blikor said...

I love Big Ass

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