Friday, December 14, 2007

Assholes of the Week for December 15

This week, we have an infinite number of assholes.

Our first asshole of the week is Rep. Tom Price of Georgia. His English-only bill is nothing more than a total farce. I hope that the House of Representatives have enough common sense to defeat it. If Price is sooooo threatened over different cultures being imported here in the United States, then why don't he really put his money where his mouth is and introduce an Oxford English-only bill? Oh that's right, he don't have the guts to introduce an Oxford English-only bill because he would offend all of those racist white Southerners carrying those Confederate flags.

Our second asshole of the week is Rep. Steve King of Iowa. He introduced a resolution that shouldn't have even been brought up on the House floor. I agree with what one of the nine Democrats, who voted against this farce of a resolution said: "We have much more important things to do than to offend the seperation of church and state."

Our last assholes of the week are every person who whines constantly about celebrites getting involved in politics. These people who don't want celebrities involved in politics are very un-American and very un-patriotic. These celebs are every bit as American as I am and you are. I don't complain about Gretchen Wilson getting involved with Fred Thompson's campaign. And I'm not complaining about Angie Harmon getting involved with the GOP's campaigns. Then why are these assholes complaining about Oprah Winfrey getting involved with Barack Obama's campaign? At least these celebrities are doing something useful by getting involved in politics. A Winfrey with Obama is a lot more useful than a Winfrey on her TV set all the damn time. As a result of the constant whining from women like those in South Carolina, those people who complain about celebs getting involved in politics are our assholes of the week.

Next week, we will name our last group of assholes of the week for 2007.

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