Wednesday, April 16, 2014

Final Pro Am takes place today

Here are the final 2014 Heritage Pro Am tournament tee times, in case you missed it in Tuesday night's quick links. [RBC Heritage]

Here are the Pro-Am tee times for the pros. [RBC Heritage]

If you are planning on taking in the Pro-Ams today, you may need pants and a jacket if you are cold natured.  Although the official low temperature will be recorded just as the Pro-Am begins — projected at 45°, the RealFeel will make it feel like it is 33°.  It will not be all that warm today at Harbour Town Golf Links, with the official high temperature topping out only at 55°. [National Weather Service]

Tuesday, April 15, 2014

Tee times for the RBC Heritage are out!

Not much action at Harbour Town today due to persistent showers and isolated storms, but something important did come down today: tee times for the tournament itself.  The first and second rounds of the RBC Heritage were released today.  A stand alone post will appear Wednesday. [RBC Heritage]

Luke Donald decided to outdo Ellen DeGeneres's Oscar's self-photo with this self-photo from Harbour Town.  It may not get a million retweets or a million favorites, but it is a thing of beauty. [Instagram]

The Heritage Pro-Am will happen for the final time in 2014 on Wednesday.  Here are the tee times for that event.  Democrat Jim Clyburn is in the same group as Republican Lindsey Graham. [RBC Heritage]

High winds crush home, two women hurt

Women injured after high winds crush home

MARIETTA, Ga. — Two women were injured after high winds in excess of 50 mph caused a tree to fall on a residence and trapping them.

The incident happened at 16:00 today on 2167 SUGAR CREEK DR.

Four people were inside the home and half of them were trapped.

The women's legs were caught in the debris.

“We got here. Me and my friend, we found the two ladies trapped under the tree, on the bed,” said neighbor James O’Neal. “The whole tree was lying across their legs. One of them was real bad. I don’t know the extent of the injuries, but the other lady didn’t appear to be as hurt.”

A female neighbor heard the loud crash of the big tree.

“I was in the house, and I heard trees cracking and popping, and it fell and then I heard girls screaming at the top of their lungs. And we come out to see if we could help them,” she said.

One of the women was airlifted to the hospital for her injuries.  The other was transported by ambulance.  The conditions of women were not immediately released.

WGCL CBS 46 Atlanta

RBC Heritage Day 2 not looking so promising

There is a slight chance of severe weather today in Hilton Head Island as the second day of RBC Heritage practice gets under way.  That risk also extends into the eastern Central Savannah River Area of South Carolina (Aiken, Allendale, Bamberg, Barnwell, Hampton and Orangeburg counties), Central Georgia (Burke, Emanuel, Jefferson and Richmond counties) and the Lowcountry region of Georgia (Bulloch, Jenkins and Screven counties and points to the south).  That means that winds in excess of 64 mph, hail in excess of 1.5 inches, and excessive lightning are all a possibility.  Organizers at Harbour Town need to prepare on how to disperse the crowd from the course in event of a thunderstorm this morning! [NWS Storm Prediction Center]

A more local forecast for Harbour Town: Thunderstorms, between 11:00 and 18:00. Some of the storms could be severe with excessive lightning, winds in excess of 64 mph and hail in excess of 1.5 inches.  Very windy as well, with sustained winds of 20-40 mph, and gusts as high as 54 mph.  At 7:00, chance of showers and an isolated thunderstorm, temperature at 68.  At noon, thunderstorms and 71.  At 16:00, thunderstorms and 71.  And at 19:00 scattered thunderstorms and 69. []

In case you missed it, here are photos from the first day of RBC Heritage Week. [Facebook]

Monday, April 14, 2014

Graeme McDowell swings perfect tee shot into Calibogue Sound

The 2013 RBC Heritage Champion, Graeme McDowell, fired off the tee shot at the synchronization of the cannon, signifying the end of the Masters and the beginning of Heritage Week.  That sounds a lot better than any love song from any musician out there! [YouTube]

The Heritage Pro-Am was also today.  [RBC Heritage]

Here is a photo of the only Democrat currently in our Congressional delegation, Rep. Jim Clyburn, at the Heritage Pro-Am. [thatslauderdale/Twitter]

Man murders ex-wife's boss at restaurant, kidnaps her, then murders her and commits suicide

Man guns down wife, victim's boss, in domestic violence double murder-suicide

LAVONIA, Ga. — A man gunned down his ex-wife and her boss before committing suicide this weekend in Upstate Georgia.

The Hart County Sheriff's Department said that the suspect busted inside the restaurant shortly after it parted for the night on Saturday.

Sheriff Mike Cleveland of Hart County said that the suspect, Sammy, was armed (legally) and began littering the business with bullets.

"There were a lot of shots fired in there," said Sheriff Cleveland.

Frohmuller's Grill's owner, the domestic violence victim's boss, was caught in the crossfire and hit.  He was pronounced dead at the scene.

"We're not sure if Mr. Forkin was just a bystander or if he was targeted by [redacted]," said Sheriff Cleveland.

Sammy then looked for one employee in particular.  His ex-wife.  The others fled to safety.  She wasn't so fortunate.

Sammy kidnapped the woman he was formerly married to and took her from Hart County to Franklin County to a place that both knew.  One that was burned down.

Sammy had a history of being possessive and extremely jealous of Lori, long after their marriage imploded, according to Sheriff Cleveland.

WHNS 21 Fox Carolina

Romanian woman rapes man, stabs him six times

TULCEA, Romania — A woman raped a male cab driver, than stabbed him six times in one of the nation's most brutal acts of female-on-male sexual violence.

Luminita Perijoc, 31, was arrested for the crime in 2012.  She was found guilty of rape and attempted murder and was given a very light sentence: four years in jail (suspended), which is typically the amount of jail time male rapists under the age of 18 get (i.e. Trent Mays and Malik Richardson, the Steubenville rapists).

Ms. Perijoc originally got five years in prison for raping the 35-year-old cab driver, but got a year subtracted from that, and a get-out-of-jail-free card when she told authorities that she was on medication when she raped him.

The victim said that he would have defended himself, but given the stigma of a society that endorses rape culture when the man is the rape victim and the woman is the rapist, the victim said that he would have been looked at as the rapist, not Ms. Perijoc.

"It is terrible. I am now a local celebrity, everyone is talking about me."

They don't understand why I refused her, but they do not know what it is like to have a mad woman yelling at you at knifepoint," said the victim, who said that he was handed a "life sentence" of teasing from people for turning down an Angelina Jolie lookalike in the first place.  "They look at her, then look at me and laugh. But I think anyone would find it impossible to perform with a knife at their throat even if they were with Miss Romania."

Due to the extreme stigma against male victims of sexual violence committed by women — and the fact that victim-blaming against men who are raped by women is 10000 times worse than vice versa, the names of men who are raped by women will not be posted on this blog in the foreseeable future, even if the rape victim gives us permission to use his name.

Ms. Perijoc grabbed him and pulled him inside, then threatened him with a 4-inch blade.

She then forced him to disrobe.

She then raped him at knifepoint, physically and orally.  Twice,

When the victim refused to have thirds with her, she then stabbed him a half-dozen times.

He then went into the ladies' room and called the cops.

Deputies arrived and took the victim to the ER.

Just like in the States and Canada, the courts in Romania failed male victims of sexual violence by women.  Disgusted.

Huffington Post Crime
New York Daily News

Unfunny sign appears at Heineken in Philly

PHILADELPHIA — Readers: I have a question: do anyone remember that unfunny sign at an Austin bar last autumn?

Well, looks like a certain bar in Philadelphia hasn't learned a damn thing from that episode.

Bar-Ly is located at the intersection of NORTH 11TH ST and APPLETREE ST in the Chinatown district of Pennsylvania's largest city.  A sign outside of the sports bar read the exact same thing, word for word, letter for letter, that the sign in Austin said:
I like my beer like I like my violence: domestic.
Absolutely crass and not even remotely funny.

While I was looking at Philly's low-VHF station, I saw several domestic violence incidents since Friday, two of which were men who were victims of violence by their girlfriends.  The men (and women) in Chinatown who are abused by their partners have every right to be offended: stats show that in the United States, 14% of men are abused by their female partners and 33.3% of women are abused by their partners.

Buu Ly, the bar's owner, spoke off camera to NBC's Philly station.

“In no way does Bar-Ly condone domestic violence nor do we find it humorous,” a statement from the bar read. “We are sorry to everyone who was offended.”

Mr. Ly also said that he terminated the employee who wrote the sign, but did not elaborate any further on that.

As for the axed employee (a man, not surprisingly), “We didn’t want to offend people, so we took it down.  I personally didn’t think it was offensive.”

Obviously, he needs to get lobotomized if he thinks that sign was not offensive.  And he needs to read feminist blogs like this one and the Frisky.


RBC Heritage Week is here!

View Larger Map

As you may well know, I love following big events in South Carolina, no matter where they are.  Heritage Week is here and today is Heritage Monday. We begin with the list of golfers who are in this year's tournament, which includes a few former Masters Champions. [RBC Heritage]

Before we can go forward, we must look back to Augusta, Ga.  Bubba Watson won his second green jacket at the Masters, outdueling Jordan Spieth, 20, in the final round.  Mr. Spieth will be in Hilton Head Island this week. [Myrtle Beach Sun News]

Here is how to get from Augusta, Ga. to Harbour Town Golf Links, the site of the RBC Heritage. [Bing]

Today's weather is mostly cloudy with a chance of PM Showers and isolated PM storms.  That should not interrupt Graeme McDowell's shot into the Calibogue Sound. [National Weather Service]

Sunday, April 13, 2014

Monica Jones persecuted in Arizona by Project ROSE, others

Monica Jones persecuted by prosecutors

PHOENIX, Ariz. ― A transgender woman was persecuted by prosecutors in her trial.

Monica Jones was illegally convicted of prostitution-related charges despite efforts from her and the ACLU after being illegally arrested in May of 2013 in an illegal police sting operation in the Arizona state capital. The black transgender student and well-known sex work activist had not actually engaged in prostitution—she accepted a ride to a bar in her neighborhood from two men who later revealed themselves to be undercover cops, but that didn't matter.

A Phoenix ordinance allows for cops to arrest people simply for engaging in conversation -- it doesn't matter what the conversation is about.

An initiative from the Arizona State University School of Social Work called Project ROSE is also responsible for this whorephobic, transphobic persecution of Ms. Jones.  Real social justice advocates must call for the defunding of this Project ROSE.

Ms. Jones released a statement afterwards:
"I am saddened by the injustice that took place at my trial this morning, but we are not giving up the fight. It's time that we end the stigma and the criminalization of sex work, the profiling of trans women of color, and the racist policing system that harms so many of us."
She was sentenced to 30 days in a men's jail afterwards, increasing the likelihood that she will be injured or murdered, given the rampant transphobia of the jailers in Maricopa County.


AAP Rant: Colleges and high schools need more trigger warnings, not less

DENMARK — "We've gone too far with 'trigger warnings'", screamed the headline of Feministe's owner, Jill Filipovic, in a piece that appeared in the Guardian.

I have used, on occasion, the trigger warning label (usually bolded) when it came to graphic descriptions of sexual violence, irrespective of gender.  Ms. Filipovic laments that trigger warning is now being used on all content and it has become too much.

When it comes to what Ms. Filipovic claims is an "excessive use" of trigger warnings, I have to disagree.

She then goes on the list topics that have included trigger warning and content note (trigger warning's supposed cousin).
Trigger warnings, and their cousin the "content note", are now included for a whole slew of potentially offensive or upsetting content, including but not limited to: misogyny, the death penalty, calories in a food item, terrorism, drunk driving, how much a person weighs, racism, gun violence, Stand Your Ground laws, drones, homophobia, PTSD, slavery, victim-blaming, abuse, swearing, child abuse, self-injury, suicide, talk of drug use, descriptions of medical procedures, corpses, skulls, skeletons, needles, discussion of "isms," neuroatypical shaming, slurs (including "stupid" or "dumb"), kidnapping, dental trauma, discussions of sex (even consensual), death or dying, spiders, insects, snakes, vomit, pregnancy, childbirth, blood, scarification, Nazi paraphernalia, slimy things, holes and "anything that might inspire intrusive thoughts in people with OCD".
I do agree with Ms. Filipovic, though, in that trigger warnings, content notes and (in addition) Not Safe For Work labels have been inappropriately used.  For example, non-sexual nudity has been inappropriately labelled as NFSW, which is the same to say that our natural state is vulgar.  Branding our naked bodies as vulgar, which is done by even elite blogs like the Frisky, is a form of body-shaming and is a completely inappropriate use of NFSW.

Among the list labelled in the blockquote, though, I did find the use of trigger warnings and content notes totally inappropriate for any setting, let alone a collegiate and high school one, for these following topics (not counting non-sexual nudity):
  1. calories in a food item, 
  2. drunk driving (except for in fatal cases), 
  3. how much (or little) a person weighs, 
  4. Stand Your Ground laws, 
  5. drones, 
  6. PTSD, 
  7. swearing/cursing, 
  8. needles, 
  9. discussion of "-isms", 
  10. slurs (except in extreme cases), 
  11. kidnapping, 
  12. spiders, 
  13. other insects, 
  14. snakes, 
  15. blood, 
  16. slimy things, 
  17. other things that might inspire intrusive thoughts in people with obsessive compulsive disorder.
I do see where a trigger warning or content note may be needed for the other items on the blockquoted list (one that links back to the Kyriarchy & Privilege 101 Tumblr).  However, we do not need that stuff for those 17 items at all (again, not counting non-sexual nudity, which would have been the eighteenth item listed immediate above).

While high school and college is different from Aiken Area Progressive or the other feminist blogs out there, that does not mean that we should be in colleges' ears demanding that they take Ms. Filipovic's advice.  Rather, colleges and high schools should use trigger warnings and content notes in appropriate settings and not just because one or two students/pupils were offended.

Contrary to Ms. Filipovic, I see no real harm in using trigger warnings in the classroom.  It is the inappropriate use of said warnings that causes harm.

Oberlin College, a college in Ohio that Ms. Filipovic criticizes in the Guardian piece, has a somewhat reasonable policy for dealing with triggering content.

The college's policy requires the removal of content that is there simply to trigger students.  Triggering content that has importance to the curriculum can remain.

Given that a lot of colleges have been sweeping rapes under the rug lately, freedom should no longer trump comfort at our colleges.  A reasonable balance of both need to be in place at all colleges.  On rare occasion, trigger warnings have been used to shut down conversation, but the use of trigger warnings are needed in the classroom if we are gonna get anywhere close to ending rape culture outside.  Yes, students in college have a right to walk out of the classroom as they see fit, but what if every student walked out of the classroom at the women-only Wellesley College the moment someone starts talking about the statue of a man in only his underwear?  There would not be anything left to do for that day, and every student that walked out would be marked as an unexcused absence (that is what most colleges, including Denmark Tech and Voorhees, do).  That is what is counterproductive here, not trigger warnings like what Ms. Filipovic claims.

The frequent use of trigger warnings should only concern those who think it is a good idea for colleges to turn the other cheek when it comes to reporting sexual assaults.  Trigger warnings should trouble all of us (including literature lovers) when such warnings are used excessively in totally inappropriate times and settings (e.g. newspapers issuing trigger warnings for spider bites).

Feminist blogs like this one is only one place where safe spaces can be carved out.  While I do know that Paine is the only one of the local colleges to have been implicated in rape culture thus far, that does not mean that colleges should not be a safe zone for its students.  Contrary to Ms. Filipovic's commentary, colleges have a responsibility to create emotional safe zones for their student populations — there are even federal laws that address this (and depending upon which state you live, even on that level).

While the excessive and inappropriate use of trigger warnings do students and pupils no favors, Ms. Filipovic and others who say that there should be no trigger warnings at all in the classroom are doing college students and high school pupils even less favors than the schools who use excessive/inappropriate trigger warnings.

The Guardian

Kevin Harvick wins the Southern 500, completes career Slam

DARLINGTON — Kevin Harvick has as little as 22 days from completed a career grand slam that got started 11 years ago with his Brickyard 400 win.

Mr. Harvick, who usually gets a slow start, got off to a fast start and just about never looked back as he blew the doors off Daytona 500 winner Dale Earnhardt Junior coming to the white flag in the second green-white-checker attempt and completed a dominating performance in the Southern 500.

In the process, he ended three streaks and set a record in the process: his bad luck, NASCAR's most different winners to open a season in a decade and a 21-year funk amongst Darlington's pole winners.

Mr. Harvick is the first driver to win a Darlington race from the pole since Dale Earnhardt Senior won on March 28, 1993.

The record he set?  The earliest to clinch a Chase berth.  The earliest that was possible this year was March 2.  The earliest possible date that any driver can clinch a Chase berth (if NASCAR is the keep the same calendar) is on February 28 — that will not be possible until 2016.  (Note: Should NASCAR revert back to the calendar they ran until November 2011, the earliest possible date that a driver can clinch a Chase berth would be February 21.  NASCAR would be wise in going back to the old calendar as rain has plagued Daytona in two of the first three years of the "new" calendar that they implemented in 2012.)

After sundown, Mr. Harvick clearly had the best car.  Additionally, there were no crashes or mechanical problems to keep him out of Victory Lane.

However, other drivers got the best of Mr. Harvick due to pit stop strategy.  Brian Vickers, who was the best driver on the contrived two-tire strategy, spun out heading to pit road late.  Not only that, but he illegally crossed onto the pit road, and was assessed a pass through penalty.

Kasey Kahne, who unintentionally pitted sooner than everyone else, assumed the lead and looked to be the only driver to keep up with Mr. Harvick in clean air.  However, Mr. Kahne slammed the wall hard, and was relegated to 37th place after failing to finish.

Mr. Harvick appeared to blow the field out, until Joey Logano had smoke coming from his car with 12 to go, bringing out the ninth caution.

Crew chief Rodney Childers called for four tires, but Jimmie Johnson, Mr. Earnhardt Junior, Matt Kenseth and Jeff Gordon got off pit road ahead of Mr. Harvick thanks to two-tire stops.  But, as the race showed all day and night, two tires was not the way to go.

That set up a five-lap sprint to the finish to determine the winner. Mr. Johnson, who had struggled early on, got a good restart and pulled away from Mr. Harvick, but a debris caution two laps later — the tenth overall of the event — forced the overtime finish.

On the first green-white-checkered, Mr. Earnhardt Junior pulled ahead of Mr. Johnson and looked to have a shot at the win.  But Kurt Busch wrecked before the field took the white flag, and walked up the track to stare down Clint Bowyer, who he fingered as the culprit.

On May 4, Mr. Harvick has a chance to wrap up the career Grand Slam when NASCAR goes to Lincoln, Ala. for the Aaron's 499 at NASCAR's longest track, Talladega Superspeedway.

WLTX News 19

UPDATE @ 22:38: Sources told me that Mr. Harvick won the Aaron's 499 on April 25, 2010.  That has been verified by Racing-Reference, and that means with Saturday's win, Kevin Harvick has completed the career Grand Slam: winning all five of NASCAR's crown jewel events.  This post has been updated to reflect the information and we apologize for the error.
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