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Bottom Line: Way past time for female feminists to confront the domestic violence double standard

For 33 days, domestic violence has been front and center.

However, there has been a deafening silence from UltraViolet, Feministing and other female feminist voices when it comes to female-on-male domestic violence.

The three women in the photo above were all either arrested or cited for domestic violence in this decade.

At the very top is Megan Welter.  She is one of three NFL cheerleaders who were arrested for sexual violence against men and boys since 2010, with her arrest occurring 14 months ago.  She is the only one of those cheerleaders who is still working (for the Arizona Cardinals), despite the fact that Ray Rice was cut from the Baltimore Ravens for the same exact charge that Ms. Welter currently faces!  So far, there have been zero calls from feminist blogs outside of Aiken Area Progressive for her to be kicked off the Cardinals’ cheerleading squad.

On the bottom right is Jantel Lavender.  She is the WNBA player who was arrested in 2011 for domestic violence after kicking her then-boyfriend in the balls during a dispute.  And what's more, just like Ms. Welter above, she is also still active in her sport!  While Adam Silver has called for a review of domestic violence policy in the NBA, he has ignored the domestic violence incidents happening in the WNBA, the other league he is the commissioner of.

On the bottom left is Hope Solo.  She is the star soccer player who was arrested for family violence.  While this has gotten a little more coverage, it still has been largely put on the backburner, save for a piece in Jezebel, which stated that she should have also been suspended indefinitely from the WSLF and the US National Soccer team.

The fact that these three women are still playing in their professional leagues, with whispers here and there from men calling on each of them to be punished should be a pox on all of the houses of those women who call themselves feminists.

The word intersectionality has been thrown around a lot in the feminist circles.  This is widely used to describe how racism, sexism, classism, ableism, gymnophobia, transphobia, etc. are intertwined with one another and are inseparable.  Guess what?  Sexism (and to a lesser extent, racism) plays a significant role in media coverage of domestic violence, and incidents that would be national news if it was a man abusing women all of a sudden have been ignored because it is a woman abusing a man.  And when female-on-male domestic violence is actually given air time, such incidents are dismissed, mocked and/or laughed at by women in the newsroom.

Female-on-male domestic violence definitely fits the template of intersectional feminist issues.  In South Carolina, a state that ranks second worst in the nation for domestic violence, at least 12 men have been murdered by a female intimate partner since January 1 – with exactly one half of these incidents happening in the Central Savannah River Area of South Carolina.  There are only two shelters in the entire state that takes in men who want to flee abusive girlfriends and wives: one in Aiken and one in Columbia.  The Cumbee Center, located in Aiken, only accepts male victims of female violence if the male is a resident of Aiken, Barnwell and Edgefield counties.  Sistercare, located in Columbia, only takes in male victims of abuse who live in Fairfield, Lexington, Newberry and Richland counties.  (NOTE: A third domestic violence shelter that accepts male abuse victims will be opening soon in Pickens County, IIRC.)  For male residents of Vance who want to leave the abusive women behind, good luck – you are gonna have to go at least 110 miles to find the nearest shelter that will take in male victims of domestic violence.  The nearest shelter is Safehomes in Augusta, Ga.  The shelters in Savannah are 111 miles away on the very deadly Interstate 95.  Shelters in Charlotte are 164 miles away.  The fourth closest domestic violence shelter to Vance that takes in male victims of female violence is 198 miles away, in Wilmington.  (NOTE: Distances are based on Bing Maps and are rounded to the nearest mile.)

There is this saying, and I believe it goes like this: "My feminism will be intersectional or it will be bullshit!"  Right now, based on the silence when it comes to female-on-male domestic violence, the feminism of most female feminists is pure bullshit.

Today is the start of Domestic Violence Awareness Month.  Today should also be the day that the silence about female-on-male domestic violence must be broken.

Tuesday, September 30, 2014

Pediatricians: girls should get contraceptive implants

Children’s docs also noted that condoms alone are ‘least effective’ in preventing pregnancy

ORANGEBURG — If you are someone who is a parent, or deals with children on a near daily basis, listen up.

The American Academy of Pediatrics says using condoms alone is among the least effective methods at preventing pregnancy in sexually active teens.

The group's updated policy now recommends that teens who have sex should also use contraceptive implants – such as IUDs or hormonal implants – long-acting birth control methods that are effective, safe and easy to use.  Such methods do not require young people to remember to use them.

The group maintains that condoms also should be used every time teens have sex, to provide protection against sexually transmitted infections (STIs) and to increase chances of preventing teen pregnancy.

Lead author Dr. Mary Ott of Indiana University, says contraceptive implants cost more, usually hundreds of dollars, because inserting them involves a surgical medical procedure.  However, she notes, they're actually cost-effective and less expensive in the long term than over-the-counter condoms or prescription birth control pills.


Jealous Orangeburg woman slays boyfriend over text messages

ORANGEBURG — Ladies, this is why we in America need to tell you that it is no longer acceptable to hit men over suspicions of affairs.  And the need to tell your daughters and sisters the same thing is also urgent.

An abusive 23-year-old woman was arrested for killing her boyfriend over a text message another woman sent to his mobile phone.

"She looked into his cell phone and saw messages of him communicating with another female and when he was confronted about those messages, that's when the stabbing happened," said Lieutenant Alfred Alexander with the Orangeburg Department of Safety.

The residence of Courtney Price, 23, and the infant son she shared with the victim, is still an active crime scene, cordoned off by yellow tape.

Deputies with OPS said she killed her boyfriend after seeing text messages sent from another woman to his phone.  This incident happened on Saturday.

"Once they made contact with her she informed them that there was a gentleman upstairs that had been stabbed," said Lt. Alexander.  "Our officers went upstairs, found [the victim] laying on the floor between the bed and the dresser drawer."

The victim was 24.  He died at the scene from the stab wound.

Ms. Price told OPS deputies that she demanded that the victim give up his mobile phone for a check of his messaging history.  She found a message from another woman who claims that he had fathered another child prior to Ms. Price giving birth to their son.  At that point, Ms. Price told deputies that she cut him to death.

"We're not used to seeing so much so often it's kind of got everybody up in arms about it because this is not something that we're used to, to have two violent crimes follow each other back to back," said Lt. Alexander.

The couple's child is in the care of Price's mother.

Ms. Price is charged with capital murder.  She made her first court appearance on Monday, where her bond hearing was remanded to the circuit court.  The hearing lasted around ten minutes.

The 24-year-old Myrtle Beach man is the 11th local male victim to have been slain by domestic violence to the hands a woman since November 2013, and the eighth man to have been murdered by women in the CSRA since January 1.  Time to talk to the women and girls and tell them that it is never okay to put her hands on a man for any reason.  This is getting ridiculous.

WLTX News 19
The Times and Democrat
The Times and Democrat (2)

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Branchville Fire Chief murdered in domestic violence gang assassination committed by women
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Abbeville County woman murders boyfriend
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Monday, September 29, 2014

Another Haley Scandal: DSS placed girl with man who raped her in 2011

Lawsuit filed in Charleston last week

CHARLESTON — A federal lawsuit was filed last week accusing the South Carolina Department of Social Services of negligence.

CBS Charlotte reports that this lawsuit is the third of its kind against the agency this year.

The girl, named in the suit as Jane Doe, was 13 years old when she removed from her family’s Georgetown County home in June 2011 after an abuse allegation, according to the lawsuit. That allegation isn’t spelled out in the suit, and Bill Luse, and attorney for the girl and her family, declined to comment on it.

At the time, the lawsuit says, social services workers “did not make any effort” to place the girl with a relative or someone who had been certified as a foster parent. Instead, her lawyer writes, the girl was sent to live with Rhett Tison, a neighbor who was 42 at the time.

Over the course of the next 15 months, Mr. Tison raped the girl repeatedly. Mr. Tison is also a defendant in the lawsuit

The girl is living with her parents again, but has a hard time trusting adults.

Earlier this year, a woman, now 19, sued DSS for repeatedly placing her in the same foster homes as her brother, even though agency officials knew he was abusing her. In court papers, DSS and the youth homes where the children lived denied the allegations, saying they could not have anticipated the “alleged intentional and criminal conduct” of the girl’s brother.

Another lawsuit pending in Richland County accuses DSS of failing to protect a 6-year-old girl from a teenage foster child with known behavioral problems who was HIV-positive and admitted to sexually assaulting her. In that case, DSS officials say the agency investigated the situation, determined that treatment plans had not been followed and had subsequently disallowed the foster parent involved from having future foster children. The statement also said the foster child was regularly monitored and was in a “therapeutic” foster care home designed to meet his needs.

The way Nikki  Haley has run the South Carolina Department of Social Services, you may well say that it is like a child abuser being the superintendent of an elementary school.  Imagine if a Democrat had run any state agency similar to the way Haley has run DSS – you'd never hear the end of it from the right here in S.C.

CBS Charlotte

Sunday, September 28, 2014

49ers could terminate McDonald’s contract if charges filed in August 31 domestic violence incident

ESPN Writer wrote exclusive info about possible punishment d-lineman could face for abusing girlfriend

SAN JOSÉ, Calif. — And now, Ray McDonald’s playing career in the Golden Gate area could be over.

ESPN’s NFL draft columnist Chris Mortensen writes that the San Francisco 49ers could either indefinitely suspend or terminate Mr. McDonald’s contract if and when criminal charges are filed against the defensive lineman for a domestic violence incident on August 31, with or without the help of the league.

The actual chance of charges being filed remains a big question mark. Reports the last few weeks have indicated the 49ers believe Mr. McDonald is either completely innocent, or there are some kind of mitigating factors.

Mr. Mortensen’s report would indicate that if he was charged, this would mean Mr. McDonald potentially had not told the 49ers everything, or had lied to them.

Mr. McDonald is one of eight NFL employees – five players and three cheerleaders – that have been arrested for either sexual or domestic violence in the past four years.

Yahoo! Sports

Four drivers will be thinned from Chase contention today

DOVER, Del. — This year marked the largest number of Chase qualifiers in NASCAR Sprint Cup history.

Sweet Sixteen made it to the final ten race sprint to the coveted Cup.

Today, though, it marks the end of the road for four of them.

When the green flag drops at Dover International Speedway, Denny Hamlin, Kurt Busch, Greg Biffle and Aric Almirola know that they need to kick their asses into gear.

Kasey Kahne, Ryan Newman, A.J. Almendinger, Carl Edwards, Jeff Gordon, Dale Earnhardt Junior, Kyle Busch, Jimmie Johnson and Matt Kenseth all know that they need to stay out of trouble.

And Brad Keselowski, JLo and Kevin Harvick know that they are all in, by virtue of winning or points.

Who will win?  And who will be eliminated.  Sweet 16 becomes Terrific 12 after today's race.

Saturday, September 27, 2014

Doctors Behaving Badly: Lone Star State woman convicted of attempted murder & male doc sentenced for drowning wife in bathtub

Cancer researcher tried to poison lover

HOUSTON — One of the brightest women in the universe will not be around to mark the beginning of Breast Cancer Awareness Month on Wednesday.

That's because she was convicted of attempted murder after she tried to poison her male lover.

Dr. Ana Maria Gonzalez-Angulo (pictured), 43, a breast cancer doctor based at Houston's famed Texas Medical Center, was convicted of attempted murder and aggravated assault on Friday. She had been involved in a sexual relationship with one of her fellow researchers.

Prosecutors told jurors that Ms. Gonzalez-Angulo was a devious and diabolical person who became obsessed with the victim. They said the affair turned into a "fatal attraction" and she poisoned him with ethylene glycol after the victim spurned her in favor of his live-in girlfriend of 10 years, with whom he was trying to start a family.

The victim testified for the prosecution. He told jurors that he became sick January 27, 2013, not long after he and Ms. Gonzalez-Angulo had been intimate, and that he immediately suspected his lover of spiking his cup of Joe. Witnesses testified that Ms. Gonzalez-Angulo had access to ethylene glycol at the University of Texas M.D. Anderson Cancer Center where the two of them worked.

Ms. Gonzalez-Angulo's attorneys argued that other people could have poisoned him.

Her defense team said that the victim could have ingested the poison on January 25, 2013.

This trial was just like the Young and the Restless. Prosecutors claimed that Ms. Gonzalez-Angulo lied about being attacked outside her home in an effort to get the victim to leave his girlfriend.

The victim said he delayed reporting his suspicions to authorities for fear that Ms. Gonzalez-Angulo would try to hurt him or his girlfriend.

He told jurors he now has only about 40 percent of his kidney function.

The victim told jurors Friday afternoon he was grateful for their verdict and "that justice was served."

He said he still fears for his safety and that of his girlfriend as Ms. Gonzalez-Angulo had told him before the poisoning that she "had people executed in Colombia", where Ms. Gonzalez-Angulo was born.

Ms. Gonzalez-Angulo faces life in prison with no chance of parole due to the aggravating circumstances surrounding this case. The penalty phase of the trial resumes Monday.

Let's hope that they send her behind bars for life. There is just enough evidence to prove that she wanted to off him so no other woman could get his dick.

Huffington Post

Belton woman killed in crash

View Larger Map

ANDERSON — A 21-year-old Belton woman is dead after an accident in the Upstate

Troopers with the SC Highway Patrol said Kristyn Nichole Smith, 21, was killed instantly in a single-car wreck in Anderson County at 22:08 on Friday.

The crash occurred on TRUE TEMPER RD near KEYS ST.

According to troopers, Ms. Smith ran off the road and hit a tree.

She wasn't wearing a safety belt and ejected from the vehicle. She suffered blunt force trauma and was pronounced dead at 22:08, troopers said.

This is the 80 deadly days of autumn, folks. Be safe.

Fox Carolina

Friday, September 26, 2014

Two rapes reported at Davidson College

Incidents happened ten days apart

DAVIDSON, N.C. — In a seven day period, two co-eds were raped at Davidson College.

That has resulted in the college sending two emails to its students.

One co-ed said that she was raped on September 14.

Another co-ed said that she was raped on September 21.

In each case, the incident happened on campus and, as is extremely common with rape cases, the victims knew their attackers.

It is not known if any of the victims or suspects could possibly be one and the same.

WSOC-HD 9 Eyewitness News

It's time to cry: Jessica Wakeman leaves the Frisky today

Today is Jessica Wakeman's last day at the Frisky, and yours truly can barely contain his emotions.

On Tuesday night, this site's Twitter account tweeted a rumor that Jessie was leaving.

On Thursday night, that rumor turned out to be our worst fears.  It was confirmed that the curtain was coming down, and Jessie was leaving after nearly five years, with this tweet.

I do not know where to begin, so here is a background on how I found Jessie.

It was in 2011, during a big down time in my life and while I was at Denmark Technical College.  The post I ran into was the one about a female cop named Ruth Hernandez being axed by the Thomson (Ga.) Police Office – this about 72 miles to my west, and this was a big local story.

And the now 30-year-old's name appears as the author of that piece.  Don't believe me?  Click on the link in the previous paragraph.

After I saw that story, I decided to follow Jessie on social media.

Usually, when no one else sends panda imagery, I am the one to usually do so.  I was the one who sent Jessie a nice pic of the Bing Panda, which showed up on my Nokia Lumia 521 (an average phone that has decent coverage as long as you are not along and north of US 78 from CLEMSON ST and to the east or along a 13-mile stretch between JASMINE LN in Williston and MONTMORENCI RD in Montmorenci – this phone prefers that we travel along US 278, and that is a good thing).

Then I rifled back in the archives and saw the essay Jessie wrote about depression.  I read that piece and thought to myself about my own struggles with that illness, one that I was diagnosed with in the spring of 2000.  I have had two serious relapses with depression: one in November 2010 and another bridging the end of 2012 and the beginning 2013.

After that, I began following the Frisky near daily.  A lot of the pieces linked here since I resumed writing on February 18, 2013 tracks back to pieces Jessie wrote.  Some of my favorite pieces included a story about a Morgantown, W.Va. restaurant owner showing a sexist customer more skin, one when she called out Kevin Harvick's fans for sexist attacks on one of the Cope twin sisters, where she made a parody of some idiot radical Christianist group trying to compare flowers and sexuality, her praise of premarital sex because about 97.9% of all of us are doing it these days (and some of us men never get married!), and her piece about the gang rape of a man by four women on Easter Sunday in 2013, a story that was covered by exactly one other American (out of tens of millions) besides her.

Unlike in New York City, where competition between feminist writers is fierce, I have no real competition as my pad is about the only one along the eastern part of the Central Savannah River Area, one of the only ones that cover Georgia and the Carolinas extensively, and the only one outside of the immediate Augusta metro area that is within the CSRA.

But, just because there is a 762 mile difference from New York City to Windsor and Williston, that does not mean that Jessie has not had an impact on me in some way.

Jessie helped me see my own privilege and confront it head on.  She was one of those who helped change some of my old and outdated thinking.  After the #Sendgrid-gate that happened right around my birthday last year, I started writing about the abuse and harassment that women – Jessie included – faced while on the web.  And I learned just how deep and revolting the harassment women faced was.  Screenshots, tweets and links to some of the disgusting things men said about women was all too real.  That repulsed me so much, that I decided to start reporting and exposing abusive social accounts when at all possible.  Because of the fact that I started to defend women from abuse, I am also subject to occasional abuse from misogynistic trolls myself: nearly a year ago, there were examples of people creating troll accounts on Disqus just to attack me no matter what I wrote on articles Jessie and others posted.

As Jessie and others now know, I may have been gentle, but I loved rough hard street name signs.

She is tough as nails, but she loves the soft, cuddly pandas.

I am grateful to know her a little bit and see how she became a better person with the pieces she wrote for the Frisky.

I also was fortunate enough to let her know if anything needed correcting and I also usually shared her posts if the state of South Carolina was involved in some way.

Now, as of 19:30, the same time as the football games begin tonight, I won't be able to do that anymore.

I am broken.

I am disheartened.

I am fighting back tears.

Goodbye, Jessica Wakeman.  Good luck at your new gig for

Jessica Wakeman
The Frisky

Will the Bulldogs head into region play winless?

JACKSON — There is no denying that this the worst start ever for the Silver Bluff Bulldogs.

And tonight, it isn’t getting any easier just because it is their homecoming game.

The Bulldogs host Swansea, a team that may demolish their homecoming.  If that happens, the Bulldogs will pretty much have to place in the Top 2 in Region 5-AA in order to get a postseason berth – and that is doable as the Region 5-AA is the weakest region in the classification this year.  No more “everyone in the AA in the postseason as long as they behave at kickoff” this year.  This year, AA teams that get enough points go to the postseason (and I have an intense hatred for the points system the SCHSL uses, because it screws over teams that do well in region play – I have no problems with the Division I and Division II used for the Class AAAA, AA and A).

Coach Lown needs to let them know that this is not the year for them to have these issues.  The Bulldogs have scored an Aiken area-low 30 points total so far this year.  CSRA-area wise, they are tied for the lowest output with Denmark-Olar.

Other games tonight: Thurmond hosts North Augusta in Edgefield.  South Aiken goes to Columbia to play Spring Valley.  Midland Valley travels to Saluda.  The Aiken Green Hornet, angry after the second-worst loss in the history of their rivalry with North Augusta last week, hosts a Barnwell team that has played only Class A teams at this point.  Fox Creek hosts Southside Christian.  Ridge Spring-Monetta hosts Whitmire.  Wagener-Salley hosts Great Falls.

Aquinas travels to Macon, Ga. to play Mount de Sales; Statesboro hosts Brunswick; Evans goes to Augusta, Ga. to play Cross Creek; Lincoln County hosts First Presbyterian in Lincolnton; Glenn Hills travels to House of Pain in Sandersville, Ga. to play Washington County in the Golden Hawks’ homecoming game; Greenbrier travels to Warner Robins to play Northside; Grovetown goes to Gray, Ga. to play Jones County; Hephzibah is in the big city tonight playing T.W. Josey; Lakeside hosts Houston County; Portal travels to Wrightsville to play Johnson County; ECI hosts Savannah Country Day in Twin City; Jefferson County hosts Screven County in Wrens; Harlem hosts Swainsboro; the Academy of Richmond County hosts Warner Robins; it's Westside and George P. Butler in a crosstown matchup; Orangeburg-Wilkinson hosts Richland Northeast; Batesburg-Leesville hosts Gilbert; winless Edisto hosts Brookland-Cayce; Lake Marion hosts Cross in Santee; McCormick travels to Greenville to play Saint Joe's Catholic School; Blackville-Hilda hosts Bamberg-Ehrhardt; North heads west on US 178 to play Pelion; and Branchville hosts Lincoln.

Be safe, sane and sober tonight.

Thursday, September 25, 2014

N.C. servicewoman will be banned from joining lesbian partner’s child’s life due to 2012 amendment

Amendment passed by voters completely bans LGBT partners from being involved with loved one’s children

FAYETTEVILLE — Although the military is a federal agency, they have to follow state laws.

For a female military cop, that means that she would be barred by a North Carolina state constitutional amendment from having any kind of contact with the son that her girlfriend will have in a few months.

That 29-month old amendment not only banned LGBT marriages in the Tar Heel State, but also barred non-birth LGBT partners from having parental rights and from being involved in the life of the partner's child.

As a result, the space on the baby's birth certificate marked "Father" will be left blank.

WLTX News 19
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