Saturday, September 20, 2014

Three women, one man dosed with date rape drugs by Wis. frat

MILWAUKEE — A frat that was kicked off the University of Wisconsin Milwaukee's campus is now under investigation for drugging three women and a man with different colored date rape drugs.

The Milwaukee Police Department raided the house belonging to the local Tau Kappa Epsilon (TKE).  The four victims were hospitalized with symptoms of extreme intoxication and disorientation.

One student has been arrested in connection with the alleged druggings, which were administered on the basis of color-coded hand stamps. With the exception of the man, every victim who was drugged had red X’s on the backs of their hands, which were given to them by the party’s doorman.

Thrice on the morning of September 13, cops were called to Sandburg Residence Hall between midnight and 1:33.  Each time, they found female students unable to stand or walk, all of whom had red Xs on their hands from the same TKE party.  The male victim was found by cops on their third call, also unable to stand or walk.

Deputies had emergency workers assist one of the women and the male victim after they were found vomiting and barely conscious.

The male victim had consumed his female friend's drink, unaware that the fraternity had spiked it.

The second time the cops were called, they found a large group of students drinking in the basement, all underage.  Several “large piles of vomit” and a copious number of empty alcohol containers dotted the lawn and covered the interior floors of the building.

Around this time, the residence hall called police for the third and final time, reporting that a female student was showing signs of having been drugged.  Her hand bore a red X, as well.

The Milwaukee TKE chapter was investigated thrice in 2013 for sexual assaults, but no charges resulted.  Not surprisingly, Facebook postings reportedly discussed the members’ tendency to “roofie” women before Friday night’s party.

A “roofie” is a powerful dose of narcotics slipped into someone’s drink designed to render them unconscious.  Originally the word referred to the hypnotic sedative drug Rohypnol, which produces unconsciousness, blackouts and paralysis when mixed with alcohol.

Now a “roofie” can be any chemical compound that renders the victim unconscious and pliable, including substances like the nausea drug phenobarbital or the chemical Gamma hydroxybutyrate (GHB).

One of the women who was treated over the weekend reportedly rushed the bar at the party and poured out several drinks before she blacked out.  She was given the gate by frat members and said that she had a “weird feeling and sensation prior to blacking out.”

Other party-goers reported seeing vodka shots and other clear drinks that were mixed below the party’s bar and appeared cloudy.

One woman reported that female party-goers who the fraternity members found “hot” could spend $8.00 for an index card that gave them “all access to the house” and unlimited drinks from one of the party’s bars.

Wisconsin-Milwaukee booted the frat off the campus until all of the sexual assault investigations are resolved.  University rules did not apply at this party, as the university had severed its ties with the frat before this incident.  Additionally, the fraternity house is considered a private residence.

This story is just disgusting.  Readers, clean yourself if you need to.  These men disgust me.

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Friday, September 19, 2014

Death of Joan Rivers underscores the need to regulate outpatient surgical clinics as rigorously as possible

Although she was already at the median age of life for women, the nation still was "shocked" when Joan Rivers died from what was supposed to be routine surgery.  Don't be shocked.  One hundred percent of all clinics that are considered mainstream in the United States today are extremely substandard, and at least one doctor in every clinic do not have admitting privileges that he or she needs to perform a procedure like what Ms. Rivers needed.  (NOTE: The only clinics considered as standard or above are the ones that perform abortions.)  This illustrates the need for why outpatient clinics like the ones Ms. Rivers and most other people go to need to be extremely regulated as rigorously as possible, and all doctors at these centers should be required to get admitting privileges from both hospitals and abortion clinics. [WBTV-DT News 3]

Failing infrastructure was the reason why Marshville, N.C. replaced welcome signs that had Randy Travis's name on it with those that do not. [WBTV-DT News 3]

Two George P. Butler pupils were arrested for bringing guns on the campus. [WJBF-DT News Channel 6]

IPhone charger burns Dallas (Ga.) girl

Charger was not sold by Apple, and could have burned down entire home

DALLAS, Ga. — A 9-year-old girl suffered serious third-degree burns after a charger designed for Apple's IPhones melted and burned her upon contact.

The girl's mother said that the product should be recalled.

"I like to save money and Apple chargers are, like, $30,” Paulding County mom Angela Zenus told Channel 2’s Kerry Kavanaugh.

But Ms. Zenus says the $5.00 deal she got on a knockoff charger at discount store Five Below is not worth it at all.

"My first reaction was it could have burned down our house," said Ms. Zenus.

Ms. Zenus says the close call happened in her daughter's bedroom.

Nine-year-old Kendall Zenus showed Mrs. Kavanaugh where she had plugged the phone charger in before she climbed into bed, just a few feet above the outlet.

"It smelled like burning plastic,” said Ms. Kendall.

"We do leave our chargers plugged in all the time. She was smart enough to notice it and see it,” said Angela.

When Kendall unplugged the charger, it was hotter than pavement on a 90 degree afternoon. She decided to show Angela the cord after unplugging it using that method.

The charger had noticeable charred edges and the heat melted a hole right through it.

Mrs. Kavanaugh emailed pictures of the burned charger to Five Below, a discount store that sells everything for $5.00 or less.

"Worst tweets about Ray Rice abuse" award goes to South Carolina lawyer

And quite frankly, you can't say you're surprised, given Todd Kincannon's recent history of spouting out nonsense. [Addicting Info]

A woman was targeted for arson because of her criticism over the Atlanta Braves moving out of predominately African-American Fulton County and into the more Caucasian and affluent Cobb County. [WSB-DT News 2]

Screven County Gamecocks lashed Windsor Forest in Savannah 36-8 on Thursday night.

Week 4 football: it's all about local matchups.  With the exception of Ridge Spring-Monetta and Wagener-Salley, it is nothing but Aiken Area teams playing against each other tonight.  North Augusta hosts Aiken in the final game of a four-game homestand.  South Aiken hosts Thurmond.  Midland Valley hosts winless Silver Bluff in Burnettown.  Fox Creek travels to Williston-Elko for the Blue Devils' homecoming game.  Wagener-Salley travels to Whitmire.  Finally, Ridge Spring-Monetta hosts Batesburg-Leesville.

Other games tonight: Swainsboro hosts George P. Butler; Grovetown hosts Cross Creek; Southeast Bulloch hosts Dodge County in Brooklet; after two long road trips in a row, Lucy Craft Laney is back home in Augusta, Ga. hosting Elbert County; ECI travels to Claxton; Lakeside hosts the namesake of the city, Evans, in a crosstown matchup; Glascock County hosts Harlem in Gibson, Ga.; Glenn Hills hosts Jefferson County in Augusta; Josey hosts Landmark Christian in Augusta; Lincoln County goes to Jeffersonville, Ga. to play Twiggs County; Hephzibah hosts New Hampstead; Statesboro goes to Guyton, Ga. to play South Effingham; Aquinas hosts Stratford in Augusta; Thomson and Washington-Wilkes lock horns; Jenkins County hosts Wheeler County in Millen; Warren County is on the road to Irwinton, Ga. to play Wilkinson County; Burke County hosts a dangerous Washington County squad; Saluda hosts McCormick; Lake Marion hosts Burke in Santee; Barnwell hosts Johnson; Wade Hampton hosts defending Class A champion Hunter-Kinard-Tyler; North hosts winless Denmark-Olar; Allendale-Fairfax hosts Blackville-Hilda; Branchville makes another trip o North Charleston, this time to play the namesake school; Bethune-Bowman travels to Saint Matthews to play Calhoun County; Estill hosts Gray Collegiate Academy from West Columbia; and Bamberg-Ehrhardt wraps up their AA portion of the schedule for the year by hosting Woodland.  If you have final scores, you can post them on twitter (I'll try to RT), or tweet them by mentioning me.

Paul Waters pleads guilty to raping South Aiken pupil

* trigger warning issued for this post for descriptions of physical and sexual abuse of females *

AIKEN — A former Williston-Elko High School teacher pleaded guilty to raping a pupil while he was at a teacher at South Aiken High School.

Paul Waters, a former teacher of the two aforementioned schools, made the plea in the Aiken County Courthouse on Thursday, to a count of double sexual battery, per federal guidelines and law dealing with authority figures who sexually abuse subordinates.

He was originally indicted on five counts of the charge.

Mr. Waters was arrested by the Aiken Department of Public Safety in December on charges of raping a 16-year-old South Aiken pupil, per federal statute.

Assistant Solicitor Ashley Hammack said the relationship began through mobile phone and social media communication but quickly escalated.  The victim was not in any of Mr. Waters’s classes or on the teams that he coached.

“A friend of the victim had seen some messages between the defendant and the victim on the phone,” Ms. Hammack told the court Thursday.  “She saw a particular message referencing condoms.”

The friend went to her parents.  Her mother then contacted South Aiken.

Mr. Waters and the victim met up several times weekly in his classroom after school ended and at the GameStop parking lot on WHISKEY RD.  The sexual battery included, “among other things, oral sex and digital penetration.”

Mr. Waters confessed when interviewed by police, and investigators were able to pull surveillance footage from the school that showed Mr. Waters and the student in his classroom for “extended periods of time” after school hours.

When asked by Judge Hill if that was what happened, there was a long pause before Waters responded, “Yes, sir.”

The victim was at school and elected not to show up in court on Thursday.  Her mother did show up, though, but she was so broken by Mr. Waters's admission of raping her daughter, she was not able to read her own prepared statement.  So, an advocate from the Cumbee Center to Assist Abused Persons read the statement instead.

“I fully believed I was sending my daughter to school to learn, and I felt she would be safe,” noted the statement.  “Instead, she was slowly being manipulated into an adult relationship.”

Attorney James Whittle said his client felt trapped in the “web of deceit” Mr. Waters weaved, afraid to come forward about the relationship at the risk of losing his family.  He voluntarily resigned from Aiken County Public Schools earlier this year and has permanently surrendered his teaching credentials.

Mr. Waters and his wife separated shortly after his arrest, Mr. Whittle said, adding that Waters has a “desire to reunite.”

Mr. Waters told the court that he is remorseful to the victim and her family.

“I should have put my foot down when I felt like it was heading in the wrong direction.  To this day, not a moment goes by where I don’t think about the things I did,” he said.  “There’s nothing in this world I want more than to have the opportunity to rebuild something that I, myself, tore apart.”

So, Mr. Waters wants to reunite with his wife…the one that he abused regularly ever since his days at Williston-Elko.  The wife who he forced to get dressed in the dark.  The wife who had miscarriage after miscarriage and at least one stillborn.  Mr. Waters may be branded as a rapist in the eyes of the public, but he is also a classic domestic abuser…one that happened to fly under the radar for as long as I could remember.

And this was the man who hung around a certain then-cheerleading coach for the Blue Devils while I was at Williston-Elko.  Disgusting doesn't even begin to describe his manipulative behavior around females.

I hope that his wife files for divorce.  She deserves better than this abuser.

Take a shower if you need to, readers.  The actions of Paul Waters are totally revolting.

Aiken Standard

Thursday, September 18, 2014

Cliven Bundy sued again!

Cliven Bundy – a radical conservative welfare king who had armed thugs point assault weapons at federal agents, women and children – is facing another lawsuit, this time, from a woman who crashed into one of his cows on Interstate 15 on her way back to her native Las Vegas.  And typical of conservatives, Mr. Bundy is shifting the blame instead of taking responsibility. [Raw Story]

LGBT people all over the nation are rightfully up in arms over Facebook's illegal and unethical plan to put forth a "real name" policy.  There have been protests daily outside of their company's headquarters in Menlo Park, Calif. [WBTV-DT 3]

And this writer says that everyone has a right to a secret identity.  We agree. [Kitty Stryker]

Title IX Questionnaire suspended by Clemson after uproar by conservative campus group

Campus Reform falsely claimed that Title IX survey ordered students to turn over very sensitive information

CLEMSON — It is an annual questionnaire that has been a part of Clemson and every other four-year college in the nation that are required to comply with the tenets of Title IX and the Educational Equity Act of 1972: a sex survey that, while one must log in to complete it, is so confidential, that administrators and the vendors who put this test out are barred from looking at the results.

However, one conservative campus group is more focused on what the questionnaire doesn't do, instead of trying to make sure that their famed Tigertown isn't the next college to be added on a dubious list that already includes over 55 colleges.

According to WYFF-DT, Campus Reform falsely claimed that the information of students would have been turned over to administrators at the school, even though the survey itself spelled out in writing that they, as well as the vendor, are banned from accessing the results.

“In screenshots obtained exclusively by 'Campus Reform,' the South Carolina university is asking students invasive and personal questions about their drinking habits and sex life as part of what they’ve billed as an online Title IX training course.”

How many times have you had sex (including oral) in the last 3 months?”

With how many different people have you had sex (including oral) in the last 3 months?”

“In a campus-wide email, the South Carolina university announced that all students, faculty, and staff would be required to complete a mandatory, one-hour long Title IX training course by Nov. 1.”

And guess what, Campus Reform boneheads?  NEITHER Clemson NOR the vendor who did the test CAN ACCESS THESE RESULTS!  WHAT PART OF THAT CAN'T YOU UNDERSTAND?

Thanks a lot, though, because an important test that is vital to reduce sexual assaults on Clemson's campus was suspended because Campus Reform whined about nonsense.

“‘This online course, used by other universities across the country, was selected to be given to undergraduate students this summer and fall as part of a comprehensive effort to prevent sexual discrimination, harassment and assault in response to growing concerns about these incidents on campuses across the nation and to meet federal requirements,’ said Shannon Finning, dean of students and associate vice president for Student Affairs.

And that was all was.  Too bad that Campus Reform can't comprehend.

Clemson students: if the feds have your school on a list of colleges being investigated for Title IX noncompliance next year, you can thank Campus Reform for that.  Seriously.

WYFF-DT News 4

UPDATE @ 11:28 Friday: Campus Reform got only one thing correct about the questionnaire: it was not mandatory.  We regret that error and the post has been updated to reflect that change.  Every other part of the post we made will stand, however.

#StandWithKira: Violent anti-choice misogynists slime new Miss America for working with a business that actually cares about real women

ALBANY, N.Y. — The anti-choice misogynists are continuing their 32-year-old war on women and this time, their target is the new Miss America.

Kira Kazantsev, the new Miss America, is being called a "bimbo," "slut," "crazy," and more — all because she interned with Planned Parenthood to provide sex education in her community.

Huffington Post has collected embeds of some of the most vile remarks hurled at Ms. Kazantsev, which all started when the anti-American, terrorist sympathizing troglodytes at LifeSiteNews and LifeNews thumbed their nose where it did not belong: on her LinkedIn profile.

Not surprisingly, the people attacking Ms. Kazantsev call themselves "patriots".  I'll tell you right now: there is nothing patriotic about anyone who is "pro-life".  These "pro-life" people are not patriots, they are fucking cowards – who should be ran out of America on a fucking rail.

I'd much rather have someone who worked at Planned Parenthood representing Miss America than to have someone who worked at Hobby Lobby or some other fucked up misogynist business that oppresses women.  That's because I know Planned Parenthood cares about real women, something that is actually a real rarity in America nowadays. And one thing I can say about the new Miss America: she is far more of a patriot than any of her critics will ever be.  Those "pro-life" people attacking Ms. Kazantsev do not represent me, do not represent American values and they do not represent America at all.  Period.  Full stop.

Sign this petition to #StandWithKira.

Huffington Post Women

Jonathan Dwyer arrested for domestic violence, suspended indefinitely by Arizona

AVONDALE, Ariz. — Yet another arrest involving an NFL player.

And yes, it is domestic violence, yet again.

First year running back Jonathan Dwyer of the Arizona Cardinals was arrested for domestic violence on Wednesday afternoon, after attacking his 27-year-old wife and their 1-year-old child.

The incidents happened in July.

The adult victim saved records of her injuries, and those were used to arrest Mr. Dwyer.

Mr. Dwyer is also charged with preventing someone from calling 911 in an emergency.  He has been indefinitely suspended from the Cardinals.

The domestic violence policy stipulates that the punishment is six games for a first offense upon conviction of that crime or a crime similar in nature.

Just last week, UltraViolet called for Commissioner Roger Goodell to resign over his handling of intimate partner violence involving players, cheerleaders, owners and executives.  No doubt those calls for the commish's head will grow louder now with Mr. Dwyer's arrest.

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Severe thunderstorms lash Orangeburg County as lightning hits Domino's worker

Severe thunderstorms produced excessive lightning and nothing else in the area on Wednesday.  The brunt of the severe storms were in the Central Savannah River Area of South Carolina, especially in Orangeburg County.  Lightning hit a metal pole outside a shopping center on MAGNOLIA ST (US 601) and then travelled into Domino's Pizza where it struck a male worker.  He was treated for minor injuries. [WIS News 10]

Non-severe hail also fell from the storm.  The criteria for severe hail is at least 1.5 inches in diameter, or about the size of a ping pong ball. [WIS News 10]

A soldier who was once stationed at Fort Gordon was killed in Afghanistan recently.  Prayers sent to his family. [WJBF-DT News Channel 6]

Wednesday, September 17, 2014

Rapist Winston suspended by school for first half of home game against Clemson for yelling "Fuck Her Right in the Pussy" on campus

If you are a Clemson player, cheerleader or fan looking to make the road trip to Tallahassee just to heckle and knock Jameis Winston out of the game after he got away with raping a woman, you'll have to wait until the third quarter to do so.  Florida State suspended Mr. Winston for shouting, “Fuck her right in the pussy!” I only wish he was in jail on rape charges. [Jessica Wakeman]

A Memphis woman was arrested for public indecency and criminal trespassing after she rampaged through a school in just her swimsuit/underwear.  Tennessee state law forbids anyone from being in beach attire or in underwear. [WMC-HD 5]

A Wingfield (Miss.) High School soccer coach was terminated after he posted explicit text messages to a 14 year old girl. [WIS News 10]

More Craigslist crime: Ladson man rapes woman he met on site

Man arrested for rape

LADSON — Charleston County Sheriff's officers arrested a man who raped a woman he met on Craigslist.

The victim told officers that she met the suspect in the "Women Looking For Men" section of Craigslist.  She said they were in contact for a week before she agreed to meet him at her Ladson residence.  She said he arrived the morning of August 19 and immediately took out rope.

She said her date told her to take off her clothes.  She refused, which is her right.  He didn't like that much, so he tied her to the bed and sexually assaulted her for over 60 minutes.

The victim said she didn't report the attack at first because the suspect knew her address and she was scared but others encouraged her to come forward.

John Phillip Burnside, 33, was arrested by the Charleston County Sheriff's Office and is charged with felony aggravated criminal sexual conduct.

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