Friday, October 24, 2014

Effingham Sheriff's Office: Man accused in triple child rape

Man's wife also believes he's guilty of all twelve charges

GUYTON, Ga. — A middle-aged man was arrested for sexually assaulting a trio of children.

Effingham County Sheriff's Office officers and Savannah-Chatham Metro Police Office deputies conducted a joint investigation.  Both offices said that this is one of the worst cases of child sexual assault they have seen in a long time.

Dennis Cronk, 64, of Savannah, was arrested Wednesday afternoon by SCMPO deputies and ECSO officers, and he faces the following 12 charges: three counts of aggravated child rape, three counts of aggravated sexual battery, three counts of cruelty to children of a high and aggravated nature, and three counts of false imprisonment.

Mr. Cronk's wife told WTOC that she concurs with the law enforcement agencies that her hubby is guilty of all of the charges he is facing.

The ECSO and SCMPO fear that there are more victims.

One neighbor says her seven grandchildren play up and down the street and says she plans to talk to them about how they can protect themselves.

"[I'm going to tell them] Just don't talk to strangers, especially neighbors you don't know,” she said. “If they call you and want to offer you something, don't go there.”

Aiken Area Progressive is withholding the identity of the neighbor and Mr. Cronk's physical address.

Anyone with additional information on Mr. Cronk or anyone who may know of additional victims are asked to contact officers at the Effingham County Sheriff's Office.  Mr. Cronk was denied bond on all of the dozen charges he faces.


Jason Goings and Aiken County GOP are committing blatant election fraud

Conservatives who keep droning on and on about voter fraud: you want to see voter fraud?

Here's your voter fraud right here!

The Aiken County Republican Party, along with the county's treasurer, Jason Goings, sent this mail to us last weekend.

What's more: they deliberately committed election fraud, knowing full well that we cannot vote for or (much more preferably) against them.

Another thing: the address is spelled ALLENDALE AVE, not ALLANDALE AVE.

Furthermore, ALLENDALE AVE is a Barnwell County street name.

I'm pretty sure that they will claim that this is an honest mistake on their part, but I don't buy one cent of what these nincompoops on the right are saying.

Mr. Goings and the Aiken County conservatives knew exactly what they were doing.  They are glad that I didn't report their actions this time.

Two things' for sure though: first, we know that most of the election fraud and voter fraud are committed by conservatives via voter caging tactics like this.

And secondly, Mr. Goings and the Aiken County GOP better remove our contact information from their list. Because the next time they, or any other GOP operative, send mail our way, we will be contacting the authorities and the US Department of Justice.

They better get lost while they can!

Thursday, October 23, 2014

Ex-trainer slams Georgia Aquarium with 76-page sexual harassment lawsuit

Victim said that employers made her touch others against her will

ATLANTA — One of the world's biggest attractions could be shelling out some major bucks for a very serious accusation.

Erica Zeno (pictured, right) filed a lengthy sexual harassment lawsuit against Georgia Aquarium in federal court.  Ms. Zeno formerly appeared in Dolphin Tales.  The entire suit is 76 pages long.

“I grew up wanting to be a dolphin trainer, it was my dream,” said Ms. Zeno.

A dream that came crashing down because Georgia Aquarium’s bosses forced Ms. Zeno to do all kinds of perverted stuff against her will behind the scenes.

“It started off with verbal harassment, in a sexual manner then it escalated to physical touching of my own private body parts then I was forced to touch other people,” she told WSB-DT’s Tony Thomas.

Ms. Zeno says the sexual harassment was constant before, between and after shows, and behind the stage of the dolphin exhibit.  The lawsuit includes explicit details that WSB-DT and lawyer Lisa Millican refused to reveal.

“It was pornographic in every sense of the way, all day,” said Ms. Zeno.

The young woman said she complained about the harassment daily.  Ms. Zeno says the bosses she complained to, in many cases, were actually active participants in sexually harassing her.  She was later axed for violating aquarium computer policies, which will not be revealed on here.  She says they were trumped up charges because she complained.

Spokeswoman Meghann Gibbons responded in an email, stating the following:

“Every day Georgia Aquarium strives to be a workplace of choice.  We have the utmost appreciation and respect for our team of 2,400 employees and volunteers, all who make the Aquarium's mission of animal conservation and education a reality.”

The Aquarium has rigorously enforced policies and procedures in place so that every individual here feels valued, safe and comfortable, and we prohibit discrimination and harassment of any kind.”

Our policies and procedures are clearly communicated and reinforced, and a number of well-defined channels exist for team members to report any and all concerns they may have.”

We have thoroughly investigated the plaintiff's allegations, and we believe the claims she is asserting in her lawsuit to be without merit.  The Aquarium will not comment further on the pending lawsuit, as we do not feel it is appropriate to litigate this matter in the media.  We look forward to our day in court and our opportunity to vindicate the Aquarium, as well as those individuals whom the plaintiff has accused of wrongdoing.”

Ms. Zeno notes that the harassment is still happening, and she says it is happening to other women still employed by Georgia Aquarium.

“If women like Ms. Zeno don't stand up and force change, nothing will ever happen,” said Lisa Millican, Ms. Zeno’s lawyer.

WSB-DT News 2
Law Office of Josh Millican P.C.

Bottom Line: Feminists must condemn and question Anita Sarkeesian for her contemptuous view of female sex workers and nudists (of both genders)

SAN FRANCISCO — It is 2014 and some feminists still are exclusionary towards sex workers, transgender people, nudists or all three of the aforementioned groups of people.

Unfortunately, for those of us who have been critical of the men of GamerGate who have doxxed, threatened and harassed numerous women gamers – and have refused to take an ounce of responsibility, one of the women are exclusionary towards nudists and female sex workers.

Anita Sarkeesian (pictured), the founder of Feminist Frequency (FemFreq) for short, is reported to be extremely cozy with Gail Dines, who is a NERF, SWERF and TERF.

And that's not all: Ms. Sarkeesian herself is also a NERF and SWERF!

In one of her YouTube videos, she refers to sex workers as prostitutes and gigolos, the slurs used for female and male sex workers, respectively.  A twitter account that has the handle letskillallmen posted a video of her explaining Max Payne 3, one of the biggest hits as far as non-downloadable games go for the Playstation 3.  We decided to use SoundCloud, and truncate the audio from 31 minutes 43 seconds to just 18 seconds, from 5:22 to 5:40.

That was all the talk this summer.

Azura Rose confirmed that Ms. Sarkeesian has a very cozy relationship with Ms. Dines.


So, while we are busy fighting back to crush the GamerGate misogynist fanboys once and for all, while we are busy blacklisting Adobe for their explicit support of GamerGate, while we are busy demanding T-Mobile and Acer to support women by standing with Gawker and opposing the GamerGate fanboys who never once took responsibility for their role in the death threats to women gamers, we must also condemn Ms. Sarkeesian for her views on nudists and sex workers.

lift portcullis

Red Bank teacher allegedly DWI-ed her way to school

LEXINGTON — Parents and some pupils who were being dropped off at Red Bank Elementary School saw a surreal scene on Monday as they were on campus.

That scene was of a woman being arrested by a state deputy for being under the influence of alcohol while driving a family member and herself to the school.

While she was on the way to school, the suspect was stopped by state cops at her place of employment.

The cop said that she was swerving all over the highway.  That is when he decided to give her a field sobriety test.

She was then given a drunkometer and it registered a 0.1, which is 25% above the legal limit.

Jan Munch Curtis, of Lexington, was arrested by the South Carolina Highway Patrol and charged with DWI.  After she admitted to having a family member she was taking to school, she was hit with a second charge: child endangerment.

No word yet on whether she was fired from Red Bank over this arrest.

Huffington Post Crime

Wednesday, October 22, 2014

NCSD: Before abusing boyfriend, woman wrote out check for bond

Woman likely knew she would be jailed

LITTLE MOUNTAIN — A woman plotted to kill her boyfriend by writing a check before stabbing him, Newberry County Sheriff's Department officers said in a jail log.

Officers said they responded to a stabbing call on October 14.  When they arrived, they found the victim hiding around the side of the building holding a wound on his side.  The man was taken to the hospital where he was treated and released the following day.

The victim told officers that the suspect had called him and told him to come to the house because she had something for him.  That something turned out to be a knife she concealed the whole time.  Officers say when he walked inside, she stabbed him.

Officers say before they arrived, the suspect had already written a $500.00 check for her bond, which was found in the bedroom of her home.  Ironically enough, Bakari Sellers, who is the Democratic candidate (and front runner) for Lieutenant Governor, has vowed to increase the bond from that amount just to make sure abusers like this woman do not get out of jail easily to abuse their spouses again.

Saundra Gray, age unknown, of Little Mountain, was arrested by the Newberry County Sheriff's Department and charged with first-degree criminal domestic violence.  To no one's surprise, Ms. Gray used that check to get out after making the $5,000.00 bond.

WLTX News 19

Warning T-Mobile customers: GamerGate misogynists who are waging a War on Women Gamers are now targeting the mobile carrier

BELLEVUE, Wash. — I received word early this morning that after being successful in getting Adobe to condone rape and death threats to numerous women gamers, the #GamerGate thugs who do not want to be held accountable for their misogynistic behavior has a new target.

The fastest growing mobile phone company in the US: T-Mobile.

That's right, GamerGate wants T-Mobile to join them in their gaming community's war on women gamers.

A search of this hashtag, which I will not embed on here, will tell you all you need to know about the sheer terror of the pro-GamerGate crowd's war on women gamers.  Feel free to go realtime.

Also, Reddit pages are another source of this kind of campaign of terror.

The reason for all of this?  Gawker Media, which is an outlet that I am not at all a fan of due to Jezebel's hiring practices, held the pro-GamerGate crowd accountable for their violent behavior, which is something real journalists do!  A novel concept!

And that is why the GamerGate extremists like this one below is targeting tech companies like Acer and T-Mob.

So, let's write our own letters to T-Mob using the information above, telling them to stand with Gawker and the truth tellers in journalism.

As Gawker reported this morning:

In 2010, trolls congregated on the infamous anonymous message board 4chan to mercilessly bully Jessi Slaughter because of a dubious rumor that she was romantically linked with the singer of a popular emo band.

But the misogynistic hordes haven't stopped—like the weary travelers leaving their kingdom in the Gamergate meme above, they've just spread to new, grosser boards.

The swarms of angry Sonic the Hedgehog fans who make up Gamergate's diehard center congregate in two places. The first, a conspiratorial Reddit board called r/KotakuInAction, is a relatively civil venue for chatting and trading links—cynical Breitbart stories about how Gamergate is actually winning its battle against the "terrified" liberal media, or screenshots of tweets from the internet personalities that have become their de facto leaders. These are people who truly believe that they are fighting for an ethical video games media. (The rank-and-file posters, at any rate. r/KotakuInAction shares a moderator with r/BreakFeminzais, a violent rape-fantasy subreddit that focuses on feminists, including game critic Anita Sarkeesian.)

If r/KotakuInAction is the kitchen table, where gamers talk respectably, knowing that their parents might be in earshot, 8chan is the Cheeto-scented basement clubhouse. Here, the ethics-crusade facade is dismantled to reveal roiling anger over indie game developer Zoe Quinn and the so-called "fucklist"—the result of the misogynistic, disproven rant of a spurned ex-boyfriend that started the movement. On 8chan, Gamergate's opponents are "unbearable faggots."

There are screenshots on Gawker for those who are interested in looking at them.  They expose how deep and ugly GamerGate's War on Women is – it is about as comparable in scope to the anti-choice activists' ugly War on Women that has been ongoing for over 35 years on the abortion issue.

By now, those who have studied the issue of harassment of women in the gaming community and online know that it is not about Gawker and their collaboration with the Bully Project, which is a Twitter account that, much like its British counterpart (End Online Misogyny), exposes those who bully women and other traditionally marginalized groups of people on the web and in gaming.  Rather, it has now become all about GamerGate claiming to have a right to harass women who dare speak out against the sexism in the gaming and tech industries, and silencing the voices of women who want more equity in those industries.

It is time for T-Mobile to take a stand: it's either the GamerGate misogynists who harass women in the tech industry, or it's the American Patriots who no longer will tolerate GamerGate's antics.  Choose wisely, Magenta, because you can't choose both.

Rebecca Vipond Brink

Amy Dickinson puts gymnophobic woman whining about her boyfriend's nudity in her place

CHICAGO — Some prudish woman decided that she could try to change her boyfriend by writing to Amy Dickinson, complaining that he is naked all the time.

Dear Amy: I’ve been dating a guy for two months. He is funny, smart, drop-dead handsome, generous and really good to me.

We almost never argue, but there are two things I can’t get over. He lives with four other guys in a big house. They each have their own room, so privacy isn’t an issue. They’re all very good friends and hang out a lot.

The first problem is that my boyfriend is naked a lot when he’s at home. The other guys come and go that way too sometimes, but my boyfriend pretty much lives that way.

The second problem is that he’s really physical and affectionate with everyone. He doesn’t hug and kiss just me, but all of his friends too, and all the time! Guy or girl, gay or straight — I feel like he’s always hanging onto someone.

What do I do to get him to understand that these two expressions of intimacy should be between a guy and a girl, and not shared with the whole world? We’ve talked about it, but he says this is the way he is.

I’ve asked his friends to make him stop, but they don’t care how he behaves and say I should just let him be himself. I’ve told them that I think he’s acting gay, but one of the guys in the house is gay, and he assures me that this isn’t the case. What can I do? — A

Her first mistake was writing the piece in the first place.  Her second mistake was writing a piece promoting bigotry against nudists.  Her third mistake was writing that piece to Amy Dickinson, who is a no-nonsense writer.

Ms. Dickinson puts this woman in her place.

Dear A: Let’s imagine your boyfriend wrote to me, saying, “My new girlfriend is great, except she wears clothes, like, almost all the time. And she’s such a prude! I told her friends she was acting really straight but they won’t make her stop. They say, ‘That’s just the way she is!’”

The reason your boyfriend’s friends won’t make him change is because they are his friends. They like him this way. The reason your boyfriend won’t change is because he likes himself this way.

You are the only person in this household who doesn’t like him this way. If you’ve asked him to adjust and he won’t, it’s not because he can’t behave differently, it’s because he doesn’t want to.

“Acting gay” might not be as insulting to him as you intend it to be. Your choices now are to accept him — as is — or move on.

This is why I love Amy Dickinson.  She puts these women who think they can change their men in their places.  I'm gonna be honest right now: I am a nudist and in fact, I am writing this piece in the nude right now.  If someone can't accept the fact that I love being naked all the time, no matter where we are, I will not want an interpersonal relationship with that person – this includes family.  It is just that damn simple.  As long as people can accept the fact that I love being naked all the time, nothing else matters.  They can change the rest of me and I won't complain, but I will not allow anyone – not even family – to change the fact that I am a nudist.  Nudity is the single most essential part to my recovery from mental illness, and anyone who tries to force me to stop is tampering with my recovery and is trying to send me into a bad relapse.

Winston-Salem Journal (by way of OneDrive)

Tuesday, October 21, 2014

Greenville woman survives by only drinking water from ravine

Upstate Woman was reported missing for five days

GREENVILLE — A Greenville woman was found safe after surviving only by drinking natural water for five days.

Greenville County Sheriff's officers found Kimara Hughey, 24, after she was reported by them missing for about a week.

"They called 911, and in four minutes our personnel were with her," said Dave Milan with the South Carolina Foothills Search and Rescue.

Authorities say she'd fallen down a ravine near the trail. Mr. Milan says Ms. Hughey was in a remote area, facing treacherous conditions.

"It also caught us all by surprise," said Mr. Milan. "We actually were expecting the worse and not expecting someone alive."

But that wasn't the case.

"She had the most scratches and small cuts from briars that I have ever seen on anybody," added Mr. Milan. " That tells me she was trying to find her way out, possibly for a good part of the time she was in there."

Investigators say she drank water from the ravine to survive.

Ms. Hughey was given antibiotics to fight off an infection. She had hypothermia, which is a body temperature below 98.6°f, her mother told WLTX and WSPA.

WLTX News 19

Microsoft Lumia is the name

REDMOND, Wash. — It is official.

Microsoft announced today that the Lumia brand is here to stay.

The transition will take place slowly, beginning with changing over the Nokia Twitter and Facebook feeds around the world to the new Microsoft Lumia brand. The Nokia France Facebook page has already announced, "In the coming days, you will receive a message from Facebook on the renaming of this page. We are about to become 'Microsoft Lumia'! - Stay tuned to learn more soon...;)."

Windows Phone Central

Monday, October 20, 2014

Transgender pupil elected to homecoming court at Marietta high school

Election is thought to be a first-of-its-kind in Ga.

MARIETTA, Ga. — An openly transgender pupil has been elected to represent her high school during its Homecoming Week 2014.

"I couldn't stop smiling," said Sage Lovell, 16, who said she heard word of the final vote count while in her homeroom class.  "My entire homeroom erupted in very loud cheering.  Apparently it was able to be heard from across the school."

Ms. Lovell is a junior at Walton High.

"It was just sort of a slow buildup of almost trying different identities," she said.  "Being at middle school, being like 'I'm probably not straight,' and thinking I liked men.  Then it suddenly progressed from there, to, 'OK, you're not even male.  You're female.'"

She said she was able to express those feelings openly to many of her friends, some of whom she's known since pre-kindergarten.

"Telling the people who I trusted, and seeing their reactions, helped to fortify my feelings that everything would be fine," said Ms. Lovell.

As for being elected to homecoming court as a transgender student in the traditionally conservative municipality and county, Ms. Lovell understands the significance of the achievement.

"It means a lot to me, in a place where people tend to be extremely conservative, that something this liberal would happen," she said.  "It means so much."


Sunday, October 19, 2014

Florida woman claws ex-boyfriend moments after split

Victim had bruises all over upper body

DELAND, Fla. — Here is a daily reminder to get consent before deciding to scratch your man's groin, ladies.

The DeLand Police Office arrested a 20-year-old woman for abusing her ex-boyfriend so bad, he had bruises over most of his body.

The incident happened during a domestic dispute over bed covers and the temperature of the air conditioning unit.

Neighbors called the DPO at 4:16 Tuesday, October 14, after they heard Emma Campbell (pictured), 20, screaming at her then-boyfriend.  Ms. Campbell then attacked the victim with her allegedly newly-did fingernails, leaving deep cuts all over his chest, back and upper right thigh.

"Due to Campbell's aggressive attacks with her nails, the victim shoved her off of him at which time she landed on the floor," DeLand Police Office deputies wrote in their report.

Ms. Campbell was then arrested by the DPO and charged with battery causing bodily harm. She was released from Volusia County Branch Jail several hours later on her own recognizance.

New York Daily News
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